Union Democrat staff

Conservatives hurt by the truth

To the Editor:

Come on all of you "downtrodden souls," does hearing the truth really hurt that much? Perhaps, Lloyd Kramer could have chosen a better term to describe most of you conservatives out there. But then, what should we call persons who vote for representatives who don't even support their interests, but instead primarily work to benefit this country's wealthy?

Trying to solve the financial crisis by cutting benefits for seniors and other needy people, rather than raising taxes on the wealthy, just doesn't make much sense. The 3 percent tax increase for high income people is small change to them, and it would just put their tax rate back to where it was before "W" lowered it. And tell me, did lowering the tax rate really stimulate the economy and prevent the recession? Nooo! Also, they say there wouldn't be enough revenue increase to solve the deficit spending crisis, anyway. Well, maybe we should go back to the graduated tax rates of the '60s when the highest tax bracket was above 90 percent.

Why do they want to do away with Social Security? Is it just to benefit insurance companies? We and our employers paid into the Social Security trust fund with dollars that were worth 10 to 20 times as much as now. The Social Security trust fund would continue to support retirees long into the future by simply removing the income cap.

I don't hear much talk about cutting military spending. Defense spending is fine, but cut aggression spending! Is the benefit to the large oil companies worth the cost and lives lost (and all of the ill will and hatred)?

How about cutting foreign aid to aggressive countries such as Israel? We are supporting their expansion into occupied lands, and helping finance their crimes against other people. Enough said.

Jerry Fueslein


Community efforts boosted 'Giving Tree'

To the Editor:

With the holidays over and 2013 in full swing, it is time to recognize the kind, good people who made the Sonora Post Office Giving Tree a huge success. It was a very tough year for lots of folks.

The generosity displayed by so many people who came with the common goal of making a child happy for Christmas was encouraging in this sometimes difficult world. Pat yourselves on the back people; you know who you are. I am proud to live and work among you. May 2013 be a good year for everyone and I hope to see you again for the 2013 holiday.

Patty Morrison

Phoenix Lake