Union Democrat staff

Local generosity applauded

To the Editor:

This past week I had the privilege to be a bell ringer for the Salvation Army in front of Walmart. This was my first experience here in Sonora; it was wonderful inspite of being so very cold and damp. Many of the people that came to the bucket were so friendly and in some cases probably deserved help themselves. I saw a very elderly man pull out all of his change, and after shopping with one very small bag limped back over and put in his remaining change! I heard people apologizing for not being able to give more. Then there was the well-dressed man who slipped in a twenty dollar bill only to come out in a little while with a full basket and handed me a pair of gloves saying, "these are for you." Wow, the two hours went so fast as I watched people really stretching to to give. Thanks Sonorans for being generous this time of year.

Pat Dean


A solution to the gun problem: get rid of the guns

To the Editor:

What do you mean there are no easy answers to the gun problems, gun violence, sporadic shooting sprees in America?

Show the American public graphic images of the latest carnage of 6 and 7-year-old children in their classroom, riddled by high caliber bullets.

This is certainly not a picture the gun industry, gun lobbies and NRA want Americans to see as they seek to perpetuate and portray guns in an antiseptic light.

Or you could do as the Australian government did in 1996 to stem the tide of mass killings with guns. They totally banned all semi-automatic weapons, and guess what, there hasn't been a shooting rampage in 15 years down under.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City