Letters to the editor for December 17, 2012

Union Democrat staff

Fire fee confusion abounds

To the Editor:

As I was trying to prepare for paying my 2012 IRS income tax, I was adding up all my schedule A deductions, but was not sure what line to put on the state's new rural fire tax all homeowners in the county got in the mail between August and December.

I called the IRS and asked them which line the fire tax goes under on schedule A. After being put on hold for a few minutes, they told me I would have to tell them if this was a real estate tax. If not I would need to tell them what category it is in before they could answer my question. So I called the State Board of Equalization to find out. The friendly rep told me she didn't know but would ask her supervisor. The answer I got was they didn't know and I would have to call back after the first of the year. I asked if that meant I did not have to pay till then and she said, "No you need to pay now." I got my answer from AgAlert, a newspaper for California Agriculture. See www.agalert.com/story/?id=4812. It is a fee, not a tax. No Deduction Allowed. For more info go to http://www.calfirefee.com Taxes require a two-third majority vote so pretending it was a fee, instead of the tax it actually is, the Democratic majority approved it on a simple majority vote.

Warren Christianson


Reminded of the spirit of the season

To the Editor:

"The Secret of Snowflake County," under the direction of Laura Brinegar was performed Thursday night at the Mother Lode Christian School. Christmas carols were sung, the third grade recorder ensemble, and the school band performed a medley of Christmas of songs. The entire school performed a very entertaining program written by Christy Semsen and arranged by Daniel Semsen. All who attended were reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

Janet Crook


Democrats have better deficit record

To the Editor:

I thank Mr. Anderson for reminding the people of the United States just why President Obama won this election. Everything said in this letter he wants us to look forward to was already there. A gift from President Reagan, President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush. The results we have seen in 2008.

Just think, we could have had Mitt Romney. A corporate raider, tax cheat, job shipper to China, thief of workers' retirements and healthcare, no tax increase except for the working people of America, and worst of all, a pathological liar.

Yes, thanks for bringing up these things, courtesy of the before mentioned parties. Oh, by the way, government deficit spending under Obama is -$115 billion. There are only four presidents who were minus in this category since Kennedy. All are Democrats. Just go figure!

Jim Hassay


Twain Harte parade warmed the heart

To the Editor:

Twain Harte Winter Wonderland Parade was again a magical event Friday, Dec. 7. Thanks to all the elf helpers (you know who you are) that made it all happen. We couldn't do it without you. We do need new younger blood to have it continue. It is fun and rewarding with smiles and experiencing the magic through children's eyes. Please consider joining us in helping next year. We had perfect weather and we would like to welcome back the Orange Crush Band from Summer High School. There's nothing like a parade with a band. Country folks made for a grand parade especially in our beloved Twain Harte.

Marilyn Knudson

Twain Harte

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