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Kids don't get fair share of healthcare

To the Editor:

SOS means shame on seniors. In the U.S., seniors age 65 and over have more access to health care than children. Do you think the future of our country relies more on the health of seniors or our future workers and leaders? A 6-year-old of the working poor may not have access to reading glasses while an elderly person can have almost unlimited pills recommended by a doctor.

Another waste example, men can have PSA (prostate-specific antigen) blood tests to detect prostate cancer every year, biopsies and treatment while numerous studies indicate this amounts to billions in mostly waste every year (due to the fact that men usually die of other causes before prostate cancer affects), unnecessary treatment, pain and other side effects. The doctor who invented the PSA test proclaimed he regrets having done so.

Meanwhile, the public borrows from the Chinese to fund the debt; when those 6-year-olds become workers they will be obligated to pay high interest payments to China.

It is time to reduce Medicare costs. Just because seniors vote and lobby congress they should not have priority over 6-year-olds in need.

If you agree with this opinion, please send it to your congressional representative with your signature and address.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

Republicans aren't the charitable party

To the Editor:

To me, the ideology of the Republican Party seems to be about blaming people for their situation rather than helping them. The party runs on a pro-life platform, believing in the value of life for the unborn, which is commendable. But it appears to care nothing for the people who have already been born and down on their luck, or who are victims of the country's financial disaster. Their latest campaign proves that they do not have, nor do they want, a symbiotic relationship with the less fortunate of our society. The Republican Party is against health care for all and most social programs for people who really need help. They feel the poor are at fault for their own situation and need to be more responsible. If a person needs help, a qualification or caution is always present; a slacker is just needing a handout or a gift.

I am a cradle Catholic and I am especially discouraged with the endorsement of the Republican Party by the Catholic Bishops. From what I have read, a good percentage of Catholics have shown this same disdain. For most Catholics, the Bishops' stance and criticism against Obamacare, followed by their silence about the Romney/Ryan financial plan, was alarming during the campaign.

If the Bishops are secure in their spiritual message to the laity about moral principles, they can leave political choice to the conscience of the individual. It is the responsibility of the laity to inscribe moral principles into all aspects of their lives, including voting. I want to inform the Bishops that for them it is not about the church or government, but about caring for people.

Tom Besmer


Obama second term woes overstated

To the Editor:

Ray Anderson (Letters, Dec. 4) overstates the downside of a second Obama administration just a wee bit. He really needs to switch to decaf and look on the bright side of the next four years. A short list: people smiling and breaking into spontaneous song in the streets; more kittens and puppies adopted into good homes; the sky a deeper blue and colors more intense; flowers more fragrant; Barack's smile; Michelle; and, my favorite, free clown noses for all former Romney supporters.

George Durkee

Twain Harte