Union Democrat staff

Embryos and souls

To the Editor,

Regarding Mr. Dorroh's Nov. 14 Letter:

I see you have taken the time to express your opinion, exercising your right to freedom of speech. However, you are mistaken regarding a particular point you expressed, that it is an "absurd belief that every embryo, a cluster of microscopic cells, has a soul."

My question to you would be, "Is the idea of an embryonic soul absurd because you cannot see it?"

Show me, then, Mr. Dorroh, where my own soul is and where is yours? As a student of science, I can reason that a cell from a male human being and a cell from a female human being combine to create another human being. And, by reasoning, I can understand that a human being has value - not based on what he or she looks like, not based on his or her age, not based on what he or she can do - but, rather, a value based on what it is - a human being.

In my work, my goal is to demonstrate the value of every human being - woman, man, child. Our country and our world currently believes it has the right to decide the value of a human being based on where the person is located - in the womb or out.

What's next? Could there come a day when our country and our world believe they have the right to decide a person's value based on the strength of a person's mind or body?

Based on what that person can or cannot do? If that day comes, Mr. Dorroh, I and perhaps more than a few of the "right wing extremists" you address in your opinion will stand to protect your value as a human being - regardless of what you can and cannot do, regardless of whether we actually see your soul or not.

Karen Robertson, RN


Freedom of expression

To the Editor,

Isn't it great that folks can express themselves freely, no matter how angry, critical or opinionated they are?

On the other hand, it is very sad that they often blame others for all of their woes and their own extremist views.

Very interesting.

Thank goodness for those with moral values, standards and truth who stand-up for their beliefs and do not waver when assailed.

Yes, they are still around.

Look up. Then look to your left and then look to your right.

Hopefully, you can see the difference.

Pat Loring


Law and Justice Center road name

To the Editor,

I note that the County Board of Supervisors is asking for input on naming the approach to the Law and Justice Center. Following are a few suggestions:

1. Boondoggle Boulevard.

2. Bureaucrats Cul-de-Sac.

3. Wasteful Way.

Or, using the dense, verbose language of government, how about combining parts of all three suggestions to read: Bureaucrats Wasteful Boondoggle Boulevard.

Charlie Norton