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Romney lost because arrogance

To the Editor,

A few thoughts about the results of the presidential election: Romney, the "Tea Party" and the GOP suffered a devastating defeat despite the expenditure of millions of dollars in the campaign. Romney had a sense of entitlement to the Oval Office because of his successful career at Bain Capital where he reportedly relished the power to "fire" people as the head of Bain Capital, taking over struggling business and thereby enriching himself.

The result of this arrogance of power is clearly demonstrated in the words of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Henry Kissinger: "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." May Romney rest in peace applying his power over millions of dollars in the Cayman Islands of the Caribbean.

Ray Mellana


The electoral college is important

To the Editor,

I like the Electoral College. Its original purpose was to spread the vote impact more evenly between the more populated and the less populated states. Without the Electoral College, the entire country would be controlled by the top 15 or 20 major metropolitan areas. Without the Electoral College our two largest metropolitan areas (New York and Los Angeles) would have the same voting clout as all of the people in 15 of the less populated states (AK, MT, ID, NV, UT, WY, ND, SD, NE, IA, KA, OK, MO, AR and NM). The residents of those states have very different needs and concerns (fishing, forestry, mining, farming, cattle, oil, etc.) than people living in large metropolitan regions. I don't want the country to be controlled just by "big city folk."

The Electoral College also compartmentalizes the votes so only a few states usually end up doing recounts. Could you imagine if the winner was determined solely by popular vote? Every state in the Union would be having recounts from now till doomsday with both sides trying to squeeze out another thousand votes for their candidate. Lastly, to abolish the Electoral College would require a change to the Constitution and that requires ratification by 3/4 of the states. Do you really think the 15 states listed above are going to surrender the little extra clout they have? I may be in the minority, but I like the Electoral College.

Ted Hall


More about the electoral college

To the Editor,

Robin Zeutzius finds it "dumbfounding" that Romney/Ryan lost the election because of "how many states actually voted for them." In fact, Romney/Ryan won only 24 states, and Obama/Biden won 25 and probably will also win Florida (and the District of Columbia). Plus, I don't think it would work if the winner of the presidency was decided by whoever won the most states. The combined population of the 26 smallest states is less than 54 million people, so they would be able to outvote the two largest states (California and Texas), which have a combined population of about 64 million.

Also, Obama/Ryan won by "popular opinion" since they won a majority of the popular vote as well as a majority of the electoral vote. I do agree that perhaps we should consider doing away with the electoral college. If we had, Al Gore, who won the popular vote, would have won in 2000, and we all would have been spared eight years of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and their wrecking crew.

Charles Ralston

Mi-Wuk Village