Union Democrat staff

Is this what we really want?

To the Editor,

The Tax Foundation, which has analyzed taxes in America since 1937, recently published a report on sources of federal income tax. In 1980, the top 20 percent of U.S. income-earning households paid 65 percent of federal income taxes. Their percentage rose steadily until, in 2012, the top 20 percent paid 94 percent of all federal income tax!

President Obama says these folks need to pay their fair share. He especially focuses in that top 5 percent of earning households. Several recent studies have pointed out that, if ALL the earnings of the top 5 percent were confiscated by the government, the government could run for a year.

Do these numbers sound strange to you? Do they seem to add up? They don't! This administration now borrows 40 percent of the money needed to run the government. Mind you, that 40 percent of the money you need just to pay daily expenses you incur to run your household. How long could you remain solvent if you did that? It would be a formula for personal bankruptcy. So, too the administration's is a formula for national bankruptcy.

California - take notice. Just as our federal income tax depends overwhelmingly on a small slice of wage earners, California has based its system on a small population of high earners. Those folks can vote with their feet and move to Nevada, Texas, etc. where they would pay no state income tax. Governor Brown's Prop. 30 to lay more taxes on that small group is an invitation to leave. Already, many businesses and wealthy individuals have left the state to escape our high taxes and excessive regulations. Is that really what we want?

George Kellerman


Do away with electoral college

To the Editor,

It's amazing! Last night I went to bed in the United States of America, and this morning woke up in a third world country. The sad part is there is no end in sight to the high unemployment numbers, the lack of strong leadership and pride in our country, or the out of control government spending for another four years.

This country has turned into a place where the majority of people want things given to them instead of actually working and earning them. Well they got what they wanted yesterday in re-electing Obama.

My opinion is that we need to do away with the electoral vote, and go by popular opinion. Its as if our vote doesn't even count. Look at how many states actually voted for Romney/Ryan, and they still lost the election.


Also, we need to keep an eye on the middle east. I think that the troubles there have only just begun. If Obama is not held accountable for what happened in Benghazi, our credibility as a country goes down the drain and shame on the politicians in office at this moment!

Robin Zeutzius