Union Democrat staff

Thanks to good samaritans

To the Editor,

Regarding good samaritans, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Snyder, of Sonora, and Wayne and Son Automotive, of Angels Camp:

I am writing to thank and acknowledge good samaritans - my son was driving his girlfriend home to Angels Camp and the car overheated.

First, the fire department responded fast with dutiful kindness.

Second, Wayne and Son Automotive stored the car "free" while I took my dad to Florida and he was in the E.R.

I had a stroke and traumatic brain injury and the Snyders picked up the car and took care of the car - because I could not get the car due to my stroke.

I want to thank everyone for their kindness, compassion, devotion and care for others.

Thank you, bless you, thank you for the kind people in the world - thank you for helping my son and myself.

Donna Raposa

Aptos (Santa Cruz)

Occupy and

political parties

To the Editor,

A gentleman stopped by the park the other day to ask about my sign which says "In With Regulation, Out With Corruption," and asked me if I was for Romney to which I replied no, but I should have clarified my statement.

The 99 percent is not about political parties, it's about righting what we see as wrong with this country. The reverse of my sign says "Reinstate Glass Steagall," which was repealed by Bill Clinton in 1999 and is the law that separated commercial banks from the speculation of Wall Street.

Myrna Doering


One bad apple

To the Editor,

I have just returned from my local and favorite grocery store. I do almost all my shopping there, love the workers and love the selection and prices. About twice a month I ask the nice produce workers if they have any boxes of lettuce they are throwing out, we give a few handfuls to our chickens every morning when they are let out of the coop. It is good for them and it helps to keep them quiet.

I was told they no longer can do that as someone was stuffing things down into the boxes and stealing from the store.

Thanks a lot thieves, one bad apple really does spoil it for everyone.

Unfortunately, now the produce will be thrown away in the garbage, instead of feeding animals.

Nancey Kearney


How do burglars sleep at night?

To the Editor,

This is to the young man that broke into my home in Ponderosa Hills. The moment that we looked into each others eyes as you were exiting my dining room window and the last time you looked over your shoulder as I was chasing you will be forever etched into my mind.

So many questions come to mind. The first is why? Why our house or anyone's house for that matter? I have worked my butt off for what we have, which as you witnessed is not that much.

Why can't you?

For you to come and take what we have away is just unfathomable to me. What you stole from us is of minor monetary value, but huge sentimental value.

However, the act of breaking into our home has forever changed my family. My children refuse to remain at home alone because of the actions that you took. Even if they agreed, I would not let them. You stole our wedding rings. How do you sleep at night?

Matt Ashe


Hurricanes and God

To the Editor,

I know how to be popular. Ha Ha.

Hurricane superstar Sandy has plunged New York (our industrial capital), Washington, D.C. (our nation's capitol), New Jersey (Jersey Shore playground), and many nearby states in that area into devastating suffering, destruction and despair.

Also, remember the earthquake that unexpectedly hit our capitol and the Washington Monument Aug. 23, 2011?

These are not the first nor the last judgement by God.

An it is Halloween time, isn't it?

Some of our local people are leading so many of our young people into unknowingly worship of weird Satanic rituals, personal makeup and costumes. Why not abstain all appearances of evil?

Downright sin (offense of God) is rampant and prevalent in America. How can anyone expect blessing and prosperity from God (our Creator), when so many people are blaspheming (swearing) the name of Jesus and his word, the holy Bible?

Repent, repent - Mean to change your way of thinking.

Bible text, "Humble yourselves … turn from your wicked ways … and God will heal your land."

Remember, that God is a good God and wants good for everyone.

Blanche Aphecetche