Union Democrat staff

Vote out incumbents

To the Editor,

Trust is a remarkable thing. Trust allows us to rely on others for advice to help us make decisions and to oversee what's important to us as a community.

So what happens when one person or a group of individuals become motivated by self-gain regardless of the benefits or consequences to the community?

Their efforts may be good for the individuals in charge, but the benefits are short lived and overtime, their system of operation will break down, often to the detriment of the entire organization. So trust matters and it comes from being part of a culture with a common set of values and beliefs.

As a principled community of voters we need to root out those acting within the system for self-gain at the expense of the community, because when self-interest becomes the overwhelming motivation for seeking public office, overtime the entire system will become weaker and weaker until it fails in its purpose.

Trust is the foundation for the advancement of our families, our community and our nation.

Vote out the incumbents. Tuolumne Utilities District needs leadership we can trust.

Ruanne Mikkelsen


Vote No on

Measure H

To the Editor,

To the taxpayers in Summerville Union High School District: Vote No on Measure H.

We the taxpayers are hurting financially.

Jobs are not to be found. Seniors are on fixed incomes and money is tight.

The Union Democrat stated 50 percent of the students in Tuolumne County qualify for free lunches.

If parents can't afford lunches, we must be in bad economic times.

We as taxpayers need to stand up and say "No new taxes!"

Sure we need to stand up and support the students, but not right now. Let's see what the economy is in two or three years before thinking about raising taxes. In the Voter's Information Sample Ballot the rebuttal states, "Don't let our opponent mislead you," but arguments in favor of Measure H are not giving you the true facts.

Here are the facts: Greg Isom of Isom Advisors is charging the taxpayers $70,000 to run the Summerville High School bond measure if passed.

In 1998 Measure Q passed. Some teachers, including officers in Summerville High Chapter of California Federation of Teachers are opposing Measure H, because when Measure Q was passed in 1998, the people who pushed Measure Q did not get everything they were promised.

Those supporting Measure H say it is not a new tax, don't be fooled it is a new tax.

How much interest will be charged to the taxpayers for the $8,000,000 over the years?

In the Sept. 20 Union Democrat, it stated the average Tuolumne resident is older and worse off financially than a year ago.

I ask each taxpayer to look at their tax bills.

We are overloaded with taxes.

Please vote No on Measure H.

Jerry Morrow

Mi-Wuk Village

Vote against

Prop 30

To the Editor,

Survey after survey places California near the top of all states in per capita state and local tax collections and government spending. Yet proponents of Proposition 30 claim California ranks 47th in per pupil school spending.

This stark disparity points more to mistaken priorities than to lack of funding.

Send a message to the politicians and bureaucrats to do a better job of spending the money they already take from us before asking us for more.

Vote No on Proposition 30.

James Cottle


Vote No on Prop 32

To the Editor,

Proposition 32 is a frontal attack by the rich against workers. Outside of a few government worker Unions, the U.S. has the weakest unions in the Industrial world.

Even Iraq's oil workers have a stronger union.

Hourly pay has not kept pace with inflation over the last several decades forcing working homeowners to borrow against their homes and credit cards (at 29 percent interest).

Corporations already own Congress and the White House.

Don't weaken the unions further.

The Supreme Court has endowed corporations permission to give unlimited funds to politicians. Let's try to keep the playing field a little equal!

Our system of elections has given us two poor choices: Obama (who brought Wall Street employees into the government and used Afghanistan to appear macho) and Romney (who thinks the rich should pay smaller percentages in taxes than the janitor).

Did you notice that neither candidate is talking about busting the big banks who are "too big to fail"?

Wall Street's greed and our system of financing elections has headed our country toward a "banana republic" status.

Obama understands poverty better and will better protect the interests of the poor (the fastest growing segment of the U.S.)

I'll hold my nose when I vote for Obama.

Dennis Schnieder

Angels Camp