Union Democrat staff

Vote Ashe for S'ville

To the Editor,

I am thrilled to see the number of people who have decided to run for the various school board positions in the county. In this time of challenging budgets and difficult financial choices, it is refreshing to see that people are still willing to step up and devote their time to our schools. It is so important that voters carefully consider their choices when voting this year. The school boards will be instrumental in determining the future not only of the students enrolled at our schools, but also the employment of many Tuolumne county citizens, and the future of our valuable, yet aging, facilities.

Carrie Ashe, who is running for the Summerville Union High School Board, is very familiar with the operations of Summerville High School, and Connections Academy of Visual and Performing Arts. She has been very active at Summerville High School working with the Connections Advisory Board and various parent groups. As the parent of a recent graduate of Summerville High School, as well as a Sophomore at

Connections, she is very familiar with the offerings at Summerville High School. Her primary concern is to continue the academic excellence at Summerville High School, as well as encourage communication between the staff and board in making the difficult financial decisions.

Working side by side with her at various school functions I have seen her never ending energy, as well as her innovative ideas and strong work ethic. She personifies the need to keep the activities about the kids, and enrich both their academic and extracurricular lives. The mix of both leads to the success of the students at Summerville High School. I highly encourage voters to support Carrie Ashe in the upcoming election for Summerville

Cindy Jensen


Support Pimentel for Columbia

To the Editor,

I am excited to see my friend, Danese Pimentel, on the ballot for the Columbia Elementary School Board. I have known Danese since our children attended Sonora Parent Nursery School together, eight years ago.

During that time, we served on the SPNS Board together. Danese was a strong, courteous, sensible voice on the Board. Her convictions were led by putting the children at the top of her priority list. Danese not only had the ideas to move the school forward, but also committed 100 percent of her time and energy to those ideas.

The last three years, I have been able to work with Danese as a member of the CES PTA. She has, and currently serves on the PTA Board. When a project needs to done, Danese still steps forward to either head or work on the project.

I know that when Danese is on the CES Board, she will give every issue the same thoughtfulness and commitment I have seen her demonstrate the last eight years. When Danese is serving on the CES Board, I know that she will not shy away from the tough problems the school faces, but will step up and move my child's school forward.

Faith Alarcon-Calden


Vote Jones for Curtis Creek board

To the Editor,

As the election nears I want to encourage voters in the Curtis Creek School District to vote for Marge Jones as a trustee for the Curtis Creek School Board. Even though I do not live in the district, I am very familiar with Marge and her dedication to the education of the children in the district.

Marge has extensive experience as a teacher and administrator, traits that she brings to the position that directly affects the educational and ?scal program at Curtis Creek.

Marge is on the Mother Lode Division of the California Retired Teachers Association Board. Her efforts to raise monies for the Schools Library Project has resulted in monies being donated to local elementary schools for a second year in a row.

The students, parents and community are fortunate to have a person of Marge's commitment to quality education. She needs to continue as a Curtis Creek School Board Trustee. I encourage people to vote for Marge.

Lenore Shively

Retired Educator and former Curtis Creek Trustee