Union Democrat staff

Support S'ville bond

To the Editor,

I appreciate Jerry Morrow's effort to write a letter to the editor as part of the public discussion at election time. However, I feel it necessary to correct several of Mr. Morrow's misstatements. Our Summerville High School board has never said that the Measure H bond is not a new tax.

Our Board has made it clear that the extension of the current bond is an extension of the current tax rate, one that property owners are already paying. In fact, the extension will be at a lower tax rate than the current tax rate. Our Board purposely structured the extension this way to reduce the burden on our residents, particularly our seniors and others on fixed incomes.

When the old bond is paid off, the tax rate to Measure H will go down to $30 per $100,000 assessment, less than what property owners are currently paying. Also, to set the record straight, the Board does not owe $70,000 to Greg Isom of Isom Advisors to run our bond campaign.

If Measure H passes, Isom Advisors will be paid a financial advisor fee when bonds are sold, just like every other district in California. I really hope voters decide based on facts, not scare tactics by an opponent who doesn't understand the mechanism of how this all works.

I began high school at the existing Summerville High campus in 1968, graduating in 1971. My wife and our daughters also completed high school at Summerville High School and as a third generation student, our grandson just began his freshman year at Summerville High. Over the period of our own 3 generation attendees, the facilities need updating. I am not a registered voter in the district, however, I do own properties that are assessed this tax. Please vote Yes on Measure H!

Mark Kraft


What about the unemployed?

To the Editor,

Has anyone besides me noticed this general election omits any discussion of the 23 million presumed unemployed?

The ones that need help: the working poor, disadvantaged, homeless or otherwise poverty stricken. If all mankind is indeed created equal, tell me Mr. President, if you embody the realization of that dream - why all this talk about taxing the middle class and upper income brackets when the battle is over 'entitlements' claimed by the destitute.

Not over a college education, or Medical prescriptions - but survival itself.

With possibly over as many as 43 million Americans now dependent on food stamps, and your opponent claiming this to be considered a failure of the last four year term.

Let's talk about such discrimination. Not of race or color, or religious affiliation, but over the failure of our economy to keep pace with the population - something no administration has ever had control over.

Instead of discussion about affordable health care or a college education, what about high school dropouts, or the fact we have lost the "war on drugs," and the next generation is going to pay for it - in the barrios, the ghettos, the rural farms, and amongst the illegal immigrants where crime is often the alternative to prolonged unemployment or deportation.

Fox News channel after last week's debate, said "Everyone has a goal" in response to Presidents Obama's remark equating criminality with mental illness: "We can't help everyone that is mentally disturbed."

And why can't you?

A large part of the jobs lost in the mega-recession were high paying jobs, requiring high skill preparation.

But are those numbered amongst the 23 million disadvantaged still seeking work?

Tim K. Fitzgerald


Vote for Measure H

To the Editor,

Summerville High School has done a terrific job weathering the recent and prolonged financial crisis that has hit our schools.

As funding from Sacramento diminishes, teachers work tirelessly to continue to provide our students with a top rate education.

Our superintendent and board of trustees continue to be fiscally responsible, while recognizing that "maximizing student achievement" is the primary goal.

Measure H funds will be used to renovate and upgrade our current facilities, modernize our classrooms, make our campus safer and more accessible, and introduce a 21st Century learning environment to our students.

Tuolumne County folks have been supportive of our students and our schools in previous generations. Please continue your support by voting "yes" on Measure H.

Cheri Farrell

Board President

Summerville Union High School District