Union Democrat staff

Pedestrians have right of way

To the Editor,

It was with amazement that I read the letter to the editor from Maiya Morrison (Safe Street Crossing, Oct. 8).

She states that pedestrians have an equal responsibility to be aware and alert to vehicles and use caution when entering a crosswalk.

Caution and common sense says pedestrians should always be alert to their surroundings and make sure that they have made eye contact with the drivers coming up to a crosswalk before they venture out in front of an automobile.

However, the driver of the automobile bears all of the responsibility when it comes to avoiding a collision between 100 or so pounds of flesh and 3,000 pounds of metal. It's the law.

My concern is more with drivers who do not have the driving skills or the vision to react to these situations, not with pedestrians who might be texting or talking to their friends as they enter a crosswalk. The driver has no risk of injury.

I was involved in a crosswalk incident last February. My business partner and I had crossed almost all the way across in front of a car that was stopped at a crosswalk. The driver suddenly started off and launched my business partner into the air.

I pounded on the hood of the car as I danced backward. I ended up on my back 15 feet into the middle of the intersection, with only a few scrapes. My business partner, however, fractured three ribs and is just now recovering.

I don't really see how pedestrians share responsibility.

Dave Bonnot


TUD election

is important

To the Editor,

This Tuolumne Utilities District board election is important to ratepayers.

The Candidate's Night held on September 27 was an interesting event.

I wish there was a larger audience for the TUD candidates. The bottom line is that we ratepayers need to pay attention to this TUD Board Election. These are the people who will decide how much you pay for your water and sewer services.

It was very clear that the incumbents Behee, Dahlin and Ringen have similar talking points. They could not talk about TUD's financial troubles. They offered no solutions to fix the finances and make TUD solvent. Instead they spoke about "plans for the future." None of them said what their "grand plans" are. Not one word was uttered on cost and where the money is coming from to pay for these "plans."

They even hinted that more rate increases would not be ruled out as the rates are not high enough to qualify for state grants and loans!

The six challengers could not be more opposite in their thinking and presentations. Their overwhelming concern is that TUD is in serious financial peril. TUD needs to cut costs and prioritize the required fixes and repairs to the sewer and water delivery systems. This seems like a common sense approach. Fix what we have instead of making grandiose plans to build a 50 million dollar treatment plant that we cannot afford. Never mind we are in a County where the population is declining. If you can't get the water or waste to your treatment plants because your pipes are worn out and broken than what good is a new plant?

We need a TUD board that understands financial management and will work for the ratepayers!

Please, vote "No" on TUD incumbents Behee, Dahlin and Ringen on Nov. 6!

MP McHugh

Twain Harte

Who is Obama?

To the Editor,

Who is Barack Obama? Voters must look at what we know about our president. If one-third of what he says is true, we can't ignore where he wants to take our country. Obama sees a future not based upon our founding fathers' doctrine, but instead on the teachings of those who malign the Constitution and vehemently oppose its intentions.

Why did the American people put an inexperienced and ill-prepared man into the nation's highest governing office? We must admit it was not based on the dream of Martin Luther King, "that someday we would all be judged not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character."

I won't vote for Obama, but not because he has darker pigment than I do. I'll vote on character, his words and his actions. I don't want a president who doesn't see our nation as the land of opportunity and equal justice under the law. One that believes in order to rectify the world's wrongs, the United States must apologize for wealth, and social and economic standards and policies that not only gave Obama his education, but also protects his right to be as radical as he wants to be.

Based on his philosophies, Obama doesn't belong to our political parties … and he doesn't belong in the White House. The path Obama has chosen is not to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

His path leads to government sanctioned poverty, where incentive is replaced by duty, and equality is defined by taking from the "haves" and reducing independence to dependence.

Melinda Fleming


Thanks for

the support

To the Editor,

We at Calaveras County Senior Center are sending out a big "Thank You" to all who helped, supported and donated to our Jazz & Brats Fundraising Dinner. It was a great success. Thanks to you all!

A special "Thank You" goes out to The Midnight Rose Jazz Band for their most generous donation of time and talent.

Thank you very much!

Brandi J.Poole

Calaveras Senior Center Director