Lacey Peterson
The Union Democrat

Support Measure H

To the Editor,

There has been too much focus in the press on who is not supporting Summerville High School's Measure H bond extension.

Let's consider who is supporting Measure H for the students and future students in our school district.

The Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce - Approval from this broad-based, business-oriented committee does not come easily.

Yet, the Chamber voted to support Measure H last Wednesday.

The chamber saw the tax-payer safeguards and reduced tax rate as pluses, as well as continued improvements to the facility we provide our students.

The Summerville High School Foundation: This is also a broad-based group of youth-focused individuals whose mission is "to enrich the lives of students in the Summerville High School District."

The Foundation sees Measure H as absolutely compatible with their mission.

The Union Democrat: The Democrat editorialized that Measure H will continue to provide much needed improvements to Summerville High School, a campus pushing fifty years old. As an ever-vigilant watchdog of the community's interests, The Democrat sees Measure H as a real positive for the communities served by Summerville Union High School District. The decrease in the tax rate is noted as a beneficial feature of Measure H.

I urge all the voters in Summerville High School District to show their support for our future students and vote "Yes" for Measure H!

Go Bears!

John H. Keiter


Summerville UHSD

Bankrupt? Rebuttal

To the Editor,

Taken from your illustrious reader, President Reagan, "there they go again." Really, Mr. Anderson come on.

I'll take the easy one first. Divisiveness. Just what do you think President Obama is to do with a dysfunctional Republican House run by a bunch of do nothing Tea Partiers?

Just what have they accomplished but pass anti-women legislation and repeal after repeal of the Affordable Care Act? How much do you think they waste with this foolishness?

Let's see, Republican governors around the country passing anti-voting laws, anti-women laws, anti-union laws, bashing public education teachers.

You and your right wing activists are the problem, not President Obama and this includes five Republican activists on the Supreme Court!

Spending: here are some facts for the readers. Spending increases under the last presidents:

Reagan 82 to 85 + 8.7 percent

Reagan 86 to 89 + 4.9 percent

Bush 1 90 to 93 + 5.4 percent

Clinton 94 to 97 + 3.2 percent

Clinton 98 to 01 + 3.9 percent

Bush 2 02 to 05 + 7.3 percent

Bush 2 06 to 09 + 8.1 percent

Obama 10 to 13 + 1.4 percent, which includes Bush's stimulus which went under Obama's first year which was Bush's budget. Overall Obama spending only rose 0.4 percent.

Get the facts straight, which seems you Republican fascists can't seen to do!

Sources: Office of Management and Budget, CBO, Congressional Budget Office.

Jim Hassay


Bogus statistics

To the Editor,

I can show that in April 2008 unemployment was 4.9 percent, then in then in Feb. 2012 it was 8.2 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics.

If you pick and chose the year and month, you can show almost anything you want.

The fact is Obama promised to cut the unemployment rate but it has barely moved in almost four years.

He promised to cut the deficit in half, but has increased it.

He promised to cut the national debt, but has increased it.

Are we better off now?

Only if you like it that your average net worth has decreased by 40 percent, gas prices have more than doubled, we have increased our military action in the Middle East and our soldiers are still getting killed and maimed.

Next time you fill your gas tank, and pay $70 or $80, think, why did he kill the Keystone pipeline, why did he send money to Brazil for offshore oil drilling, but won't let us drill here, off-shore or Alaska?

My main source of worth, my house, is below what I paid for it 10 years ago, groceries, and everything else has gone up in price.

He is withdrawing $716 billion from Medicare, which is already broke.

No I am not better off than four years ago, in fact things are much worse.

Green is wonderful, but it can't take place overnight.

The conversion will take time, but in the meantime don't destroy our way of life. When things are going poorly, why would anyone want to do the same thing over and over?

Why not try something different? Things are broken and he does not know how to fix them.

James Schlotthauer