Union Democrat staff

Bypass is a mistake

To the Editor,

Where am I? That is what I say to myself while traveling north on Highway 120, leaving the town of Sonora behind.

I am returning to my beloved home and city of 20 years, after a weekly work stay in the Bay Area of four days. Unfortunately, what I see makes me sick to my stomach and very angry!

Gone is the beautiful countryside, the trees, the view and the quiet!

In their place stands massive pillars, barren land, huge machines working, or waiting to do their destruction of centuries of natures work.

Why, I ask? What is the reasoning behind this?

Reduce traffic jams! Give me a break!

Believe me, only those who have been out of Sonora, into the big cities, know that traffic jams exist there, not in Sonora or anywhere in Tuolumne County! All this money being spent, for no reason!

Not needed, and not wanted!

As previously stated in a prior editorial letter, why were the citizens of Tuolumne County and Sonora, not asked to vote on this action? I know for a fact that it would never have been approved. Too bad citizens don't have the choice to terminate those involved in this catastrophe.

What has been done can never be rectified and our beautiful Sonora and surrounding area has been damaged permanently and can never be restored to what was! Shame on everyone involved in this debacle. This has damaged Sonora in so many ways.

The money being spent could have been used to save Sonora instead of destroying it!

Cathy Hasserd


We must live with bypass project

To the Editor,

There have been several letters sent concerning the bypass. Yes, I agree with most of them and there is a traffic mess that ties up traffic for some time, but it is now done and there is nothing more we can do but learn to live with it.

What I'm really hoping is whoever designed this plan is going to allow a on and off ramp at Peaceful Valley Road so we and visitors traveling through can get off the bypass and have access to the business' that are there and can benefit.

It was stated in the Union Democrat just before the bypass was started that there was more money than was expected left over since when the money was budgeted. The money was budgeted during the time when everything was more expensive and now it wasn't going to cost the full amount that had been planned.

I'm hoping and I'm sure a lot of others would agree, that the people that planned this bypass will actually use their brains and use the money on the off and on ramps at Peaceful Valley Road so everyone can benefit.

Let's not blow the one chance that can help our county and business'.

Elaine Truman

Twain Harte

Vote for Karl Rodefer

To the Editor,

Karl Rodefer is running for county supervisor. We have known Karl for several years and voted for Karl in the primary election because we knew he was the most hardworking, honest, and ethical person on the ballot. Prior to that election, we listened to all of the candidates with an open mind. After doing so, we found that Karl best represented what we had wanted for Tuolumne County. We believed that he could bring a better business environment to the county as well as bring planned growth to the community.

We also believed that he was the best prepared for this position out of the list of candidates that were running for this position, and had worked extremely hard to educate himself on the issues in the county prior to running for office.

During the earlier campaign, he continued to listen to the community and continued to know the issues. We also believed that he was the most willing to listen and work with other community leaders.

We were very disappointed when he lost by so few votes.

We have since moved from the area, but we still have family who live and work there, and we were involved with the business community in Sonora prior to our move. We continue to lend our support to Karl's efforts.

We strongly urge the residents of Tuolumne County to vote for Karl in this election.

Dave Iserman Sr.

Former Columbia resident

Georgetown, Texas