Lacey Peterson
The Union Democrat

Septic inspections

To the Editor,

When I applied for a building permit I was forced to sign a contract for annual septic inspections in order to get a permit. The fee is currently $170. Now they want inspections twice a year. Once a year is unnecessary, twice is ridiculous.

My system is engineered and has an alarm that goes off when there is a problem, so why do we need these inspections? I have spent almost $800 on those inspections and have nothing to show for it. It will cost me thousands more before I have a problem. Evidently these inspections are given to special contractors. I called other contractors and some didn't even know about them. Some asked why they were even being done.

Mark Powell


Phoenix Lake Road sign is offensive

To the Editor,

An open letter to Mr. Story of Phoenix Lake Road:

Like many other county residents who commute daily along Phoenix Lake Road, I was deeply offended by the racist effigy of the President you erected and was relieved when you removed it. So you can imagine how saddened I was when I saw it returned in an even more offensive display.

Your latest incarnation features the effigy painted half white and half black holding a sign reading "America's Mistake."

The only implication to be drawn from such a display is that "America's Mistake" is miscegenation, the mixing of white and other races. It would seem you resent the actions of the President's mother more than those of the man himself. Perhaps the President would offend you less if he were simply black, and not someone of mixed race.

Mr. Story, do not bother to send a letter to the paper complaining that people like me are somehow misunderstanding your sentiments. Your objections will not convince me, or others who feel as I do, otherwise. We consider you racially prejudiced, and there is little you can do to change that. The only thing you might do at this point is to remove the effigy, to prevent more of your neighbors from "misinterpreting" your protest.

Mr. Story, you have made your point. The continued display of the effigy is not going to convince me, or anyone else of the opposite camp, of your view. We who have to drive by it each day are getting a little tired of looking at it. Please remove it.

Kurt L. Quigley


Measure H

To the Editor,

Being retired, I am well aware of what extra taxes do to a household budget. During the 13 years I have served on school boards, I have watched state budgets for schools shrink.

In the last 5 years the State has cut over $22 billion to our schools, so I know we can't count on them to improve our schools and infrastructure. The community must step up and support the District in making necessary changes. Better classrooms, new technology, and safety are some of the immediate priorities.

Measure H will not raise the tax base, but it will extend the length of the tax we are already paying. The current board has been fiscally conservative with the budget, while protecting the quality of the campus and programs.

We have been saving for the possibility of Propositions 30 and or 38 failing, but we need you to support us for the future.

Growing up we had great schools, great teachers, and the choice of any program, because state funded schools were fifth in the nation. Now we are funded 47th out of 50. Each generation should support the next generation to give them the best chance to succeed. Please join myself and current trustees and administrators in support of Measure H.

Dennis Spisak

Twain Harte