Union Democrat staff

Let's end the

death penalty

To the Editor,

Regarding the Sept. 28 column "Frontier Justice," by Bob Holton and recent editorial about Proposition 34 (End the Death Penalty) on this November's ballot, I believe Mr. Holton's article should have been on the Opinion page!

Research found that SF Mayor Rolf repeatedly refused law enforcement requests to call out the National Guard. In fact Rolf canceled a trip to the Western Conference of Mayors in Boise to prevent the Vice Mayor from calling out the Guard. Rolf thus was complicit in the mob's assault on the sheriff and the deaths of the two men. Holton also mentions a lynching in Siskiyou County. In that incident a masked mob killed an African American named Clyde L. Johnson on August 3, 1935. Johnson's lynching is chronicled in the book: "Swift Justice: Murder and Vengeance In A California Town," by Harry Farrell he writes: "Nationwide, there were 28 lynchings in 1933, in which all but four of the victims - Holmes, Thurmond, and two others "were black."

In the history of lynching and capital punishment deaths most of the dead are African-Americans. In most of the 17 states without the death penalty the KKK has never had a large following. The converse is true that in the 33 states who continue to embrace the death penalty, including California, there have been and still are large followings of the KKK. The Southern Poverty Law Center's website lists 84 Klans in California. Stop supporting the bigotry of the KKK, stop supporting any bigotry in deciding who does or does not "receive" a death penalty sentence in California. Vote "yes" on Prop 34.

Lloyd Schneider


Vote for Torchia

To the Editor,

In the November election, voters in supervisorial district 5 will have the opportunity to vote for candidate Domenic Torchia. I'm confident he will serve the county with dedication, competency and integrity. Torchia has aimed his campaign at the numerous financial problems facing the county and at what can be done to solve them.

Duplication of services, exemplified by multiple school districts, is costly and often inefficient. This had been targeted by Torchia as a solvable problem. Properly designed local control can be retained within a consolidation framework. Money will be saved by reducing top personnel and by centralizing other administrative functions.

Domenic Torchia knows that county government must live within its means. He knows that the county, like the rest of us, if forced to cope with the ongoing recession. So it is imperative to elect someone whose priority is to be a trustworthy steward of the people's money. He will work to increase public understanding of the budget process and related fiscal matters.

When a proposed project, such as the law and justice center, comes before the Board of Supervisors, he will be counted on to demand (with a nod from Suze Orman): "Show me the money."

Ruth Godbout



tax records

To the Editor,

All that I hear on TV is "Why, Gov. Mitt Romney don't show his income tax record?"

He did, the last two years, 2010 and 2011.

Now when I ask questions I am told, we can't answer that because of the privacy act. Don't Mitt Romney have any rights?

So why don't Mr. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, and big mouth Harry Reid show their tax records?

I have been voting for the last 60 years, I have never heard of a candidate who had to show his or her tax returns.

So why are the Democrats demanding for Gov. Mitt Romney to show his? If he owes any money you can bet, the IRS would knocking on his door.

Now, I'm a Democrat but I will be voting Republican.

Jean Baudizzon


Believe in Kelly

To the Editor,

Fr. Michael Kelly has been a very important part of our family and our friends for these many years. We have enjoyed his company and shared with him at our home and at many other activities. We along with others have traveled with Michael by bus, train, plane, boat and gondola and always each of us were enriched by Michael's presence.

He was always there to share in our gladness and our sorrow. He always remembered us, and still does, with a greeting on birthdays and anniversaries.

Although we don't talk with Michael as much as when he was here in Sonora, we do keep in touch with him.

We do love and miss Michael.

Jo Froehlich


Confusing information

To the Editor,

I'm writing to express my feelings about the "Blessings of the Animals" article in Friday's (Oct. 5) Religion section, page B3.

Why? The photo of a Rev. Janet Russell, without the name of her church?

Placed next to the article also about Animal Blessings at St. Patrick's Catholic Church?

Will some people think that Rev. Janet Russell is from St. Patrick's Catholic Church?

Truth is, there are no women priests in the Catholic Church.

Diane Prill

Twain Harte