Union Democrat staff

Safe street crossing

To the Editor,

The recent story of a teenager being hit in a crosswalk by a truck is a sad result of many crosswalks in Tuolumne County.

Drivers recognize they need to be aware of pedestrians in all crosswalks. Unfortunately, pedestrians do not usually realize they also have an equal responsibility to be aware and alert to vehicles and use caution when entering a crosswalk.

Near Sonora High School and downtown Sonora, we often notice pedestrians stepping into a crosswalk without looking both ways. Often they are texting, using a cell phone or talking with friends - completely oblivious to anything happening on the street. Pedestrians need to be especially vigilant when wearing dark clothing at dusk/night or in the rain.

After a couple of accidents/deaths in Jamestown, a traffic signal was installed on Highway 108 and Humbug Street - but there is no marked crosswalk! This "fix" does not alleviate the problem of pedestrians running through traffic to reach the other side of the street.

Both pedestrians and drivers need to be especially vigilant.

Maiya Morrison


Leaders or micromanagers?

To the Editor,

On Sept. 11 in a letter to the editor, MP McHugh blasted the TUD board of directors for doing exactly what the citizens of Tuolumne County elected them to do. She takes exception that the Board wants to do their job and direct TUD.

A directors responsibility is to strategically plan and direct the operations of a company, not to be involved in the day to day operations of reviewing bills and claims. This is the responsibility of the management and employees of TUD.

If the board is going to review all bills and claims, then why have an accounts payable clerk or a finance director?

Just let the board of directors do these jobs if they are reviewing all the bills anyway. Why pay someone else if the board is already doing the work?

Better yet get the board to do all the day to day operations and fire everybody, and there won't be a financial problem.

As you can see this line of thinking is ludicrous. Does Xerox's board of directors review bills? How about IBM?

A fiduciary is "an individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money."

TUD's board is being responsible for looking over the complete operation and not trying to micromanage, to let the employees do their jobs.

This TUD board is finally doing what they were elected for: to direct and oversee the management of TUD, not to micromanage and run TUD further in debt.

One question: Where were the potential new board members at one of the most important meetings the District held regarding water supply in the past month? If these new candidates are so concerned about water issues, why was Jim Grinnell the only non-incumbent present at the meeting. So, do what you want to, elect a leader or micromanager.

David Butler


School dress code

To the Editor,

Well here I go again. I promised myself I was never going to write another letter to the editor for the opinion page publication after I wrote about teachers.

After I read the letter written by me and published by the Democrat, I still do believe teachers must teach with passion.

After thinking about my letter after the fact, I do know movies I wrote about exaggerate the facts.

I am truly sorry about "some" not all of the things about teachers I wrote. Now regarding the letter in the Monday, Sept. 17, written by Chris Luckie.

When did we hear the White House has a dress code? I would like to see the President who wears suits from the Men's Warehouse rather than a wannabe president who wears a suit by Versace or a shirt by Hugo Boss or tie by Versace or shoes by Massimo Emporio.

What have you seen Chris? I see our President Obama wearing a suit and tie to talk to foreign dignitaries and address the nation and more.

Give him (Obama) a break. Maybe on the campaign trail some places are too hot to wear a suit.

Do you wear a suit to church in respect to God or your pastor or priest? Myself I would be happy to have my picture (for money or not) in his birthday suit or a wannabe president who keeps him money in offshore accounts to keep from paying his fair amount of U.S. taxes.

I just don't understand a state than can elect a man like Romney. I guess a state that elected Ted Kennedy.

Romney was the governor of that state. Does that tell you something?

Jackie Davis