Union Democrat staff

Vote for Rodefer

To the Editor,

Karl Rodefer has experience, clear direction, common sense and rational judgment which are all qualities of a true leader.

His strength of character and moral clarity further contribute to realistic goal setting with an absolute sense of purpose. His military service, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force and business background working in a private defense contracting company, along with years of community involvement are a unique combination of skills that will move Tuolumne County in a positive growth oriented direction.

His integrity, conservative values, commitment to our community is why my wife and I are proud to support Karl Rodefer for Supervisor in District 5 and look forward to his intelligent and enlightened governance.

Roy Lane


Father Kelly supporter

To the Editor,

I am a supporter of Michael Kelly, the former priest, because I believe he is innocent of abusing anyone. My family, of various ages, had much contact with him when he was assigned to St. Patrick's Parish in Sonora. My heart is touched by anyone who has been molested. However, I believe this person is mistaken that he was molested by Father Kelly.

Wahana Vellutini


New bypass

is an eyesore

To the Editor,

What is this county thinking?

The highway with its ugly, out of place pillars that Sacramento and San Jose don't even have as big. There is not a person I've talked to that doesn't think it's a horrible mistake to build such an eyesore for our town.

People from the Bay Area don't even like it, or think it fits, in the mountains of Sonora. $35 million for what? So people from out of town can drive faster than they already do?

I have lived have here for 35 years and there never been traffic backups there. Only now that they're working on the highway there. It makes me sick every time I drive down the hill! What's going to happen when it snows and freezes in winter? Why didn't we, the people that pay taxes in this country get to vote on this?

$35 million and we have people who can't feed their families, people who are losing their homes. And we need some city-fied too big of a highway. What a big mistake.

When I retire I'm selling my home and moving to Ben Lomond, where it is still a small town, I left 40 years ago. My kids and grandkids were all born here. So I do have roots. But that eyesore is the biggest, ugliest thing I have even seen in this county. Please speak up if you'd rather see the trees that giants overpasses here. That don't belong here in the mountains!

Fix roads we already have!

Debra L. Grahek


Romney lacks diplomacy

To the Editor,

Clearly, Romney is a "yes man" for the war machine, corporations, and financial institutions. He lacks the diplomacy and level head that is so needed in today's world.

Rebecca Simonitch