Union Democrat staff

Democratic activist

To the Editor,

Joan Kern referred to me as a Democratic activist. I haven't been called an activist since my college days 40 years ago. Thank you.

I guess it was the influence of the great community organizer. As to your charge of falsehoods, I conditioned my statement about Mr. McClintock's visits to our county with "To my knowledge."

You have added to my knowledge. Thank you.

Maybe I will add to yours by announcing that Mr. McClintock was to be in our county Sept. 8. You could hear his opinions for a $20 donation. I guess that illustrates the Republican slogan "Money Talks."

In countering my review of Mr. McClintock's accomplishments, you claim "he warned."

So do hoot owls but they don't solve problems. Your claim that "voters have responded overwhelmingly in his favor" needs some fact-checking.

Looks to me like he has lost more than he won. But that's old news. How has he performed the last two years, his only experience in the House of Representatives? He voted against nearly everything.

But he did vote 32 times to repeal Obamacare. Was there no more productive work to do? How many jobs did that create?

I think most voters would prefer Jack Uppal's record at Intel to Mr. McClintock's record in congress.

David Munson


Electoral college

To the Editor,

I see that a Mr. Jerry Fueslein took a swipe at my defense of the system of voting called the Electoral College, our constitutionally constructed method of selecting our Presidents and VP's.

He submitted that it was antiquated due to transportation and modern communication. Of course, he offered no support or proof of that. And, neither of those conditions are relevant to the purpose of the Electoral College.

What I was pointing out is that it serves us as much as our separation of powers in the federal system of government called a republic, not a "pure" democracy. Never have been anything else, nor do we want to be.

Perhaps we need to remember that each state has two Senators … why, so each state can represent their unique interests, not based on population. Under Jerry's USA, all of America would be dominated by California, Chicago, and the Northeast.

With the Electoral College, candidate's must campaign for us all … and there always will be "battleground states."

CB Maxwell


Can-do supervisor

To the Editor,

Recently I ran into a rather disagreeable confrontation with a deer.

For several days I had noticed a large black bird swooping down in front of my bedroom window. When I decided to check I followed his flight path down to my basement. As I neared the bottom of the stairs I smelled a terribly rancid odor coming from that area.

Another few steps and viola - there lay a huge deer carcass, antlers and all.

Apparently a (mountain) lion had dragged the animal to my basement floor. The smell was horrible. Immediately, I called animal control, but alas, they explained that their funds had been cut back and did not know when they could be there.

I decided to make a visit to the shelter but was given the same information, I would have to wait. Days went by, and the smell was terrible, not to mention the innumerable insects that covered the animal.

More calls to animal control and still the same response. I would have to wait.

I tried the health department and that didn't work either.

Finally, in desperation I called Liz Bass, my district supervisor. I left a message and in about 15 minutes she returned my call. She said, they will be there this afternoon and if they don't show up, call me. She gave me her personal phone number and within 30 minutes, a truck from animal control had pulled up, removed the smelly carcass and left.

Wow, I told Liz, she should run for President. What service.

Janet Atkinson


Way to go

To the Editor,

Recently I had to make repairs to my auto. My work takes me to many locations in the county so getting to work without a car presented a major problem to me. I want to express my gratitude to the remarkable service I received by the Tuolumne County Transit. I was able to incorporate the bus and walking to get to several locations in the City of Sonora, Phoenix Lake, Sonora Meadows and Twain Harte.

I called their office for schedule information which was helpful and reflected a more often on-time arrival of the bus than not. The pickup and drop off points were well suited to me and when they weren't the drivers found locations on route where I c ould be dropped. These stops were safe for the bus and in locations where I was not exposed to traffic. The driver even encouraged me to buckle up. Their willingness to help is just great: both patient and courteous.

So if you're feeling stuck at home you might want to take a look at Tuolumne

Transit map and schedule. It worked for me. Thanks again.

Peggy Debely

Twain Harte