Union Democrat staff

Misleading quotes

To the Editor,

A recent letter to the editor claimed to be quoting from a July 13 speech by President Obama. The quote was really from a GOP ad that heavily edited the speech to mislead the public. The quote said "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

In fact, in the July 13 speech, President Obama complemented small businessmen for what they do in creating their own business. Later in the speech, he noted that our great free economic system helps to make this possible.

Finally, he pointed out that our bridges and highways used by almost all companies to bring their workers to work and to deliver their products are built with taxpayer dollars. He also mentioned the role of the government in providing the internet. It was these highways, bridges, and internet that he said the businessman didn't build.

Obviously. Someone else made that happen.

Note that this misquote is still being used by the GOP. It was recently use when first introducing Paul Ryan as the VP candidate. If you want to quote from a speech, look it up on the internet first so you get it right. Don't believe everything you here in political ads.

Bob Gould


Teenagers aren't

so clueless

To the Editor,

The Aug. 30 article, "Class of '13: They're, like, the net-gen" told of today's high school seniors' dependency on technology.

I am a senior at Sonora High myself, and while it is absolutely true that today's technology is generally depended upon by younger generations, not all of us seniors are quite so needy or clueless in regard to the "good ol' days."

I'm proud to say that I can name every one of the Beatles, I have several Bob Dylan albums, I've never seen "I Love Lucy," but I know of Lucille Ball, and I've gone more than a week without texting.

Yes, it's true that the Class of 2013 has grown up with today's technology and living without it is hard to imagine. However, we deserve more credit than we've been given. Despite popular belief, most of us do read books, we can cook without a microwave, and many of us are familiar with the pop culture of our parents' generation.

Fifty years ago, adults were probably saying the same thing about their high school seniors.

Anne Huntemer


Meltdown ahead?

To the Editor,

I applaud Ray Anderson. Every word he says has been cogent and pertinent. To those who gainsay him, he has said why they would … and even how.

I would like to say this: I honestly think in the next few months we might see a meltdown of the financial system.

I have studied economics, and it really is simple … unless you study economics at "Socialism U" and swallow their obfuscations as fact.

We have already lost most of the liquidity retirees carried. They worked their whole lives, only to see from 1/3 to 1/2 lost. I am saddened to see our nation going this way. I am very saddened that government has become the central point of existence for a large amount of people, and that these people are encouraged to vote.

When you have people who do nothing become a majority you end up having the politicians cater to them. And that's bread and circuses folks.

Obama (Barry Soetoro), loves that. His ilk love that. But, it's unsustainable.

Now, you ex-Democrats, admit you made a very big mistake. Swallow your pride and vote.

Dwan Seicheine