Union Democrat staff

Insist politicians

tell the truth

To the Editor,

Citizens, are we really going to allow these politicians to stand up in front of us and the world and speak lies and half-truths just so that they can convince you to vote for them? Would you allow your children to lie to you and then reward them for it?

Why can we not insist that they speak truthfully? Whole truths not partial or selective.

They have enough staff members to do the research and fact checking. If they cannot do this simple thing then they should be removed from election campaigns. Don't you think that it is time we stand up and call them out for their audacity and condescending arrogance toward the people of this nation?

These politicians and so called news commentators behave like grade-school children who haven't learned yet that they are not supposed to lie. And they have yet to learn how to play well with others. These con men once given what they want will not care about what you want?

They are too busy dancing like marionettes on the strings of whoever is giving them more.

Who will shout if not us?

Rebecca Simonitch


Public lands

are for everyone

To the Editor,

In response to rude dove hunters: First I wanted to let you know we don't use high powered rifles to hunt dove we use shotguns. I also notice you said "annoying behavior on public land." You said it - public land.

So while you want to walk your big white poodles others want to hunt little grey doves. They enjoy eating them too.

Wearing blaze orange is what hunters do to make others aware that we are there.

Christine Leers


Peace and

safety 'ridiculous'

To the Editor,

Everything in Bud Hoekstra's letter from Aug. 22 titled "Safety is everyone's responsibility" is nonsense.

Everyone is so concerned with safety, it's ridiculous. … "While people are saying, 'Peace and safety,' destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape," 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

Robert Richards

Don Pedro

Tax increases;

are they fair?

To the Editor,

Assemblymember Kristin Olsen is mailing flyers regarding the "Fire Taxes." She makes two excellent points.

First, why do folks in rural areas (normally conservative and Republican) have to pay a fire tax of up to $150 per structure while folks in quake prone areas (usually urban and Democrat) are not taxed a "quake tax"?

Her second point is, Proposition 26 passed in 2010 requiring either a two-thirds majority vote of the legislature or local approval for any new fees. Olsen says the legislature passed this possibly illegal tax by a simple majority vote.

Why are the voters of Tuolumne County and other rural counties not outraged over this unfair, unequal and possibly illegal tax?

Why are we not seeing outrage in the Union Democrat or local radio stations?

And most importantly what are we going to do about it? I suggest we write to Governor Brown and others to let them know we do not approve and that we will remember this when we vote for the Governor's proposed tax increase in November and his high speed rail project.

William C. Marrs

Twain Harte

Unemployment rate suffered under Bush

To the Editor,

I had to chuckle the other day when I read George W. Bush's average unemployment was 5.72 percent, which is technically true, averaging the 4.2 percent when Bush took office, and 7.8 percent and climbing rapidly when he left. An increase of 85 percent.

When Bill Clinton took office it was 7.3 percent; when leaving it was 4.2 percent, a decrease of 42 percent. George H. W. Bush inherited a 5.4 percent unemployment from Ronald Reagan, and left 7.3 percent to Clinton, an increase of 35 percent. Under Barack Obama, it has gone from a peak of 9.9 percent in 2009, down to 8.3 percent today, an improvement of 16 percent.

Bottom line: Unemployment goes up under Republicans and down under Democrats.

Bill Brown