Union Democrat staff

Killing Medicare

To the Editor,

If I wanted to destroy Medicare I would do it incrementally, dividing the recipients then pitting them against each other so they destroy the program out of self interest. It's no accident have we deficits. How better to justify program cuts?

Of those deficits, 2/3 accumulated under Republican Presidents. GW Bush single-handedly created a quarter of that debt.

First I'd complain about the deficits saying, "They're destroying our children's future. To solve this we must cut Medicare." But I'd leave the current Medicare recipients and newcomer benefits as they are. Those 55 or younger would get only 1/3 the benefit as a voucher. This triples their Medicare payment. If I were 55 my benefits would go from $4,260 to $12,780 a year - double it to include my wife.

Thus those 55 and under will not be able to afford Medicare. Think of all the tax dollars we'll save.

This is what Ryan and the Tea Party have passed in the House. The Tea Party needed your vote; so they promised not to touch Medicare.

Like my proposal, Ryan's proposal doesn't pay off any deficits. We must preserve the deficits to justify future cuts "to save our children's future." Ryan's $500 billion a year saving is used to fund a tax cut largely benefiting the wealthy.

Since they're buying this election, "It's only fair."

And here's the best part. Those folks 55 and under will realize they will never be able to afford Medicare. So why should they support your Medicare?

We'll organize them against Medicare and end it. "It's only fair."

Then we'll invest Social Security in the stock market. No problem. Trust us.

Robert Carabas


Be on the lookout

To the Editor,

This summer was the busiest since '09, decided to take a long weekend to camp at our favorite place - New Melones.

Sometime Monday (Sept. 10) night neighbors arrived a couple sites over, it was not long before one of them approached us for hot dogs "bait for catfish." We didn't have any, he left.

After securing the table that held our supplies by lowering the legs down to three feet on our easy-up we went to sleep in our camper.

I woke up at 1:30 a.m. by a noise, didn't see anything, drifted back to sleep.

Got up to watch the sunrise when my husband discovered someone had stolen our two ice chests, food crate, CD player and CD carrier which holds 30.

We didn't suspect the neighbors at first, I mean who would rip you off then spend the night with the evidence? But while we were calling the Sheriff's Office, the "neighbors" started packing up real fast. My husband jumped in the truck, headed to the camp host, as their older white Ford Explorer (with their tents thrown in the back) approached, the host yelled 'stop,' but they didn't.

Back at their site we discovered they'd eaten our food, the items they didn't want were thrown into the field, and they left a mess.

What upsets me most is the loss of the player and CD's. My hard earned dollars bought them and these low lifes steal them?

Good people of Sonora, Angels Camp if anyone approaches to sell 'classic rock' CD's from Cash to Zeppelin and a player please contact the Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office, reference the report made on the Sept. 11 at Manzanita campground in Tuttletown Recreation Area. Thank you.

Ramona Liebig

San Clemente

Waste of money and time

To the Editor,

As I passed through the construction zone in east Sonora Thursday morning I saw two California Highway Patrol cars posted at either end of the zone. And both officers were in their car looking down into their laps as I drove by.

Now I'm not saying they were not doing their jobs, I'm just wondering if this is the best way to spend the taxpayers money.

When I called the CHP office to find out what the policy was, I was told it is the policy of the CHP to post two units (although only one officer per car) and as I pressed for more info was told (rather rudely) if I had a complaint to address it to the main CHP office.

Now I'm just saying, if there are 100 construction sites in California that means we are paying for 200 of (arguably) the finest law enforcement agency cops in the world to sit and be a presence for possible speeders.

If they spent those hours doing actual cop work I might have a chance to get my stolen bicycle back.

In a time when we are crying out how broke the state is and how there is no money for law enforcement. How dare they waste our money and their time on things that are obviously not necessary. Let's use our heads people, this is wrong.

Bob Snell



To the Editor,

In response to William Bergmann's Sept. 25 letter.

Barney Frank in the House and Christopher Dodd in the Senate, through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were force-feeding government-guaranteed mortgages to borrowers who had no reasonable chance to keep up with monthly payments. The Bush administration was telling them it was a recipe for disaster.

But oh, I guess I just listen to propaganda.

Facts are facts, unless you hire a lawyer to twist em … or a politician.

Another fact is that most Americans did not want to raise the debt ceiling and did not want to give money (just print it) to GM or a lot of these banks.

If you think that the govt listens to people today, then you are buying their ear.

I do believe the conservatives will not destroy this nation as the liberal agenda is, but then again I don't believe in reapportionment.

Dwan Seicheine