Union Democrat staff

The Golden Rule

To the Editor,

"Do onto others as you would have others do onto you." Until quite recently, I always thought that this meant "Be kind and helpful to others because someday, you may appreciate others being kind and helpful to you." I think of this as being the biblical definition.

Recently however, conservatives have been preaching a completely different definition. They say: "If you are willing to work hard, you don't need help. You can make it on your own." Obviously, this means if you accept help, it implies that you are not willing to work hard. It follows that you don't want to offer to help others. It would be an insult. You would be saying "You aren't willing to work hard." Don't accept help. It's a sign of weakness. Don't offer to help. It's an insult.

"Do onto others as you would have others do onto you."

If you are convinced that you started your business without any help, try to start a branch office in Syria - or any other unstable, non-Democratic country. Don't deny that you live in a kind and helpful country. Be proud of it. Admit that the U.S.A. is the greatest country in the world.

Bob Gould


Beware of scammers

To the Editor,

The Windows scam is still alive and well. This time, after many other times, a different guy, "Simon," phoned telling me he was a Windows technician and that my computer was broadcasting its IP address to the world.

As before, the person wanted me to log on and he would help me resolve the problem. Caller ID was: 'out of area'.

Don't buy it, people. Your computer must broadcast its IP address or you'd never get to the Internet. Its normal; no virus causes it.

Again, hang up on this guy. Don't even think about sitting down at your computer with this guy.

Swearing at him doesn't help - he will just call you back later. You can try to vent your frustration by adding the call to the "Do Not Call Registry" but other than perhaps making you feel better, it won't solve the problem. How do the feds even think they will be able to manage health care? The phone company doesn't seem to care, either - not even if you talk to their fraud people.

I'm going to try writing the Federal Trade Commission next.

Dave Bremer


Free speech

To the Editor,

Free speech is in the news everyday this month.

Starting with the "Pussy Riot" girls in Moscow who used swear words to attack Putin and the Greek Orthodox Christian Church. Condemning Putin is free speech but condemning the church in their church is provocation meriting punishment. If people cannot worship peacefully in their place of worship civil society can collapse.

The American movie attacking Islam in a public forum such as a movie and YouTube is a provocation.

Remember the standard that yelling "fire" in a movie theater is not free speech.

Egyptian provocateurs who changed the script to provoke outrage also merit punishment.

The internet age is upon us, there is no agency or filtering medium to judge when the so-called free speech is provocation. The resulting violence in the Middle East is another sign of pent up anger against western nations and cultural differences.

But U.S. media should always remind everyone that the violence is perpetrated by less than 0.01 per cent of the population.

In Lebanon over 100,000 demonstrated against the movie without one incident of violence.

No less than Hezbollah organized the event and asked for peaceful demonstrations. There is hope!

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

Not voting for either candidate

To the Editor,

It would be against my Christian values to vote for either of these two Presidential candidates, and beneath my ethical standards to vote for either of these two parties.

But please people, do continue to attack each other. I find it amusing … like two parents in a fist fight at their children's little league game.

Robert Richards

Don Pedro