Union Democrat staff

Distorted view of American history

To the Editor,

It just amazes me, what a distorted view of American history many people have. I wonder if it's due to a lack of good or complete information in American History books, or maybe it's because they believe many politicians lies. I would suggest reading "Peoples History of the United States" by Howard Zinn to get a much more complete history of this country, and it is written from the perspective of the average person.

Many people apparently believe that the "Founding Fathers" were the most intelligent people ever born, and that their ideas should never be changed.

Well, what about all of the amendments to the constitution.

After reading some of the recent Letters to the Editor, I realize that many writers apparently do not understand what went on politically during the years leading to the adoption of our Constitution. It wasn't a revelation that everyone agreed on. Rather, it took much discussion and compromising. For example, the idea of having a Senate with two representatives from each state was a major concession, much needed to get enough states willing to ratify the constitution. Incidentally, the 17th amendment changed the selection of US Senators from the state's legislatures to the state's voters - another victory for democracy. I don't understand why people such as Ms. Jan Higgins and Ms. CB Maxwell seem to be so much against democracy in elections!

In my opinion, everyone's vote should count in electing the President and Vice-president just as it does in the election of our other representatives.

We need to eliminate the Electoral College which, by the way, has nothing to do with "states rights." "Battleground states" would no longer exist, so one or two states wouldn't throw the election one way or the other, and everyone's vote would be counted.


Jerry Fueslein


Freedom of expression

To the Editor,

RE: Group Rallies for Rights story from Sept. 24.

Two thoughtless quotes, made by notable people, were used in this article. Neither were as foolish, holier-than-thou nor as arrogant as the tone of Ms. Ruth Godbout's comments. Godbout has the right of expression because of this nation's fight for the Constitution.

I, too, have the right of expression opposite of Godbout's and we are both free to feel that we have the right idea. God bless America.

Judy Olson