Union Democrat staff

Democrats versus Republicans

To the Editor,

Prior to the Obama administration, there were eight years of secrecy resulting in the financial ruin of many individuals and our government. The Obama administration has taken the country from the edge of a depression to financial solvency.

Had Obama pushed the Congress for a greater stimulus package, the economic recovery would be further along.

Thankfully, the Iraq war is no longer fleecing our treasury, and that money is now being used to put the U.S. on financial solid ground.

The Iraq war was unjust, and we still suffer from the deceit, greed, hatred confusion, secrecy and fear. How can anyone think of wanting to change from the present administration that is working to rebuild our country's good name?

The Obama administration believes in every American and his worth. The Iraq war is over, and Obama deserves another four years to complete the other things on his program

Another thing to note is the difference between Democrats and Republicans in considering the value of life.

Being anti-abortion is a good start, but it is incomplete. An appreciation of the value of life must be all inclusive.

The issues of health care for all, economic recovery, poverty, immigration, the environment, war, and racism must all be considered. The value of life is not a relative thing. Whose lives are more important?

I still grieve about the young American martyrs and others who died because of economic greed and oil.

A change to a Republican administration at this time would be a disaster, especially for the working class and poor. And, how can we trust someone who has lied to look good?

Tom Besmer

Angels Camp

Pick up your trash

To the Editor,

I do a lot of walking in cooler temps of this wonderful town of Sonora and I see firsthand the garbage people throw on the ground. It makes me so ashamed of this area...it's dirty! I'd like to see their living rooms! I don't think their wives or moms would like garbage in their houses, in fact I know they wouldn't!

I have seen things on the side of the ground that women should keep private!

I have an idea ... the ones coming out of prison and jail could be put to work picking up the trash along streets and the highway.

Earth is our home, let's take care of it. When you see something on the ground instead of walking over it, bend down and pick it up and stick it in your pocket. The bending is good exercise also!

Have some pride people!

Linda S. Anderson


TUD board lacks fiscal responsibility

To the Editor,

The Tuolumne Utilities District board lacks fiduciary responsibility. The two TUD fiscal committee members, Mr. Ringen and Mr. Rotelli questioned why they need to look at the bills or claims summary that TUD management presents for their monthly approval (July 24 TUD regular board meeting).

I guess these guys really do not care how much of our money is being spent, and more importantly and telling where it is being spent. The paraphrased comments from the Fiscal Committee were: "We passed a budget. We trust you. Why do we need to see what is spent each month? Can we get rid of this?"

Are you kidding me? Mr. John Maciel, a concerned ratepayer and a 2012 candidate for the TUD board pointed out that this is one of the opportunities for the board to see what is being spent and where and it would be a grave mistake to stop the practice. I agree. The ratepayers deserve a whole lot better and this is why a number of concerned citizens say we need a new TUD board.

I guess at least two of these guys do not know what fiduciary responsibility is! Let me clue them in.

The term fiduciary refers to a relationship in which one person has a responsibility of care for the assets or rights of another person. A fiduciary is an individual who has this responsibility. The term "fiduciary" is derived from the Latin term for "faith" or "trust." I for one have zero trust nor confidence in this board. Let's end this misery and vote in a new board on November 6.

MP McHugh

Twain Harte