Union Democrat staff

Discusssion of issues, not attacks

To the Editor,

Mr. Wetzel, of Murphys (Letter to the Editor, Aug. 29) opined "Tax cheaters are traitors. If Mitt Romney won't prove that he's not one then he's unqualified to be president."

Sir, you are insulting the intelligence of the President of these United States.

Don't you suppose that if there were any chance of Romney being a tax cheat that Barack Obama's IRS wouldn't be holding a very public investigation or prosecution? No credible source has accused Romney of being a tax cheat.

Even if they had, I think our system still embraces innocence until proven guilty.

Romney, along with other well to do Americans, simply takes advantage of existing tax law to minimize his tax liability. His having offshore accounts is not illegal nor is he illegally avoiding taxes.

Your hateful letter is just another in a series of your letters bashing the other party in general.

We need an intelligent discussion of the issues not personal attacks.

Larry Jones


Thanks to tribe

To the Editor:

Tuolumne County should get down on our collective knees and thank whatever gods or goddesses we believe in for the Me Wuk Indians. They are the largest employer and the most incredibly generous business in the county. If you read every page in The Union Democrat you will notice that almost every good charity or cause who needs help, the tribe helps them.

I have been a member of the Tuolumne County Historical Society for about 30 years and the Me Wuks have not been treated well in the past. (I have relatives who are part of the Assiniboine in Northeastern Montana.)

J.W. Smith


Education is important

To the Editor,

I'm finding it hard to fathom the large percentage of Internet poll respondents who say they would vote "no" on the Sonora or Summerville High School bond measures.

They are not willing to pay as little as $2 to $12 a month to provide badly needed upgrades to our high schools. These people must not think that education is important.

How sad and shameful.

Lauri Grasse