Union Democrat staff

When will the bees be out of season?

To the Editor,

Meat Bees, Yellow Jackets, Wasps, whatever you want to call them, they are awful this summer! Especially during this heat.

They don't seem to want the "traps" that are set out for them, they want in my house to enjoy whatever cool they can find!

They are clustering on the door jambs, on the window screens, and even on the sides of the refrigerator and freezers out on the deck.

I have lived in my house 23 years (off of Chicken Ranch) and am used to the "normal" pesky critters, but this is ridiculous! Ok, all you super smarty smart people out there, including all you smarty's out at Columbia College ... or anybody that fancies themselves any kind of entomologist, what's going on?

And it's not just here in Tuolumne County, one of my kids went to Ceres and they were everywhere there as well!

They seem to disappear when the sun gets behind Table Mountain ... but when will they be gone for good?

Tina Donovan


Ryan gives me nightmares

To the Editor,

In response to Patricia DuFur's letter of August 22:

When I wake up from a nightmare it's a relief to know it's not true. Vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan gives me a nightmare, but when I wake up I realize itistrue. Before I drop off to sleep, I say The Lord's Prayer "...and deliver me from evil..." Evil now includes the election of Romney and Ryan.

As for Canada, its citizens get immediate medical attention if it's an emergency. They wait for elective surgery. Obama care? It's the Health Care Affordable Act passed by Congress, signed by President Obama and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Martha Kramer

Twain Harte

Sonora bypass project plans

To the Editor,

There is something desperately wrong with Caltrans' waste of funds during our recession.

All we required was a center turn lane, on existing Highway 108, to cut down on loss of life and property damage.

We did not need $53 million worth of extravaganza. To cover Caltrans mistake of estimating the volume of fill needed on the last phase, Caltrans bought out the old Circle K Mini-Mart property, dug out the gas tanks and wrecked two houses. The original alignment was through Circle K up Cavalieri Road staying on the flat.

Being short of fill they dog-legged into the mountain, hence the new alignment.

Would it not have made sense to abandon the source of fill, go back to the original plan? This would have saved two major bridges, a massive amount of rock to be moved. The log trucks going to the sawmill on Standard Road would still be able to function (there is no off ramp at Standard Road in today's plan).

We need a center turn lane for 6/10 of a mile on 108, not what's happening now.

Jack Masson


Growth blueprint

a socialist tool

To the Editor,

Anytime the local officials come up with anything smacking of environmentalism, i.e., smart meters, new zoning, open space, "growth blueprint" - beware! This is a usurping of your basic freedoms guaranteed by God and the Constitution.

It is an implementation of the UN's Agenda 21, a socialist spawned plan of global control. Thank God for informed representatives in our local government (supervisors Evan Royce and Randy Hanvelt) that recognize the insanity and freedom stealing capacity of this socialist plan.

We have a duty as citizens of this great country (and county) to keep watch on our local officials activities as they work to implement this Socialist created, re-distribution of wealth, globalist scheme disguised (poorly) as environmental crusades.

Bev Shane, head of the Community Resources Agency, says the "growth blueprint" will allow for better use of our resources and services.

Again beware, unless you want to be corralled into high density areas like cattle, which allows the government to keep closer tabs on your coming and going activities. These are troubling times we live in and we need to be informed and watchful of our government's actions.

We, the people need to be more diligent in holding the politicians feet to the fire.

Stand up and be counted for liberty!

As the money trickles down from Sacramento to Tuolumne County, there will be strings attached strongly to Agenda 21.

Watch for the buzz words "social justice" and "sustainable development."

Once the government gets it's claws in our community will be the beginning of the end for it's citizens freedom.

Please think twice and investigate before endorsing any of these Socialist agendas.

Gail Bonavia