Union Democrat staff

No force or effect resolutions

To the Editor,

Why would the Board of Supervisors vote on a resolution that essentially has no force and effect? In the same vein one might ask: Why would a couple get engaged if they had no intention of getting married?

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors approved a resolution that board Chairman, Dick Pland said is not binding on the county.

The three board members approving the resolution assured the sparse audience that the resolution is "only advisory" and has no force and effect of law.

So why bother to vote on something that means nothing?

The dirty little secret is that it does have meaning. An engagement ring is a visible commitment to the future marriage of two people.

The board resolution is a visible commitment to a future marriage of the Blueprint Plan and the county General Plan.

The Blueprint Plan is what the Board adopted by resolution and it provides guidance to county staff on all future planning issues.

Even though it supposedly has no force and effect the resolution will be the gorilla in the room whenever the county General Plan is updated.

The gorilla may not have a vote, but it won't need one because he has all the bananas. Don't go along with the gorilla and you don't get your state and federal grant funds.

What is the Blueprint Plan? Hint: Government control of how you live.

If you are a concerned citizen and value your liberty you will take the time to find out about the Blueprint Plan. Thanks to Supervisors Evan Royce and Randy Hanvelt for standing up against this invasion of Big Brother. Visit http://portal.co.tuolumne.ca.us Search 'Tuolumne Tomorrow.'

David Wynne


Water conservation

To the Editor,

Again we are being told to conserve water. We should be doing this all year for good reasons. We should also conserve propane, electricity and gasoline as much as practical. The questions are:

1. Besides telling us what to do, what is the water company(s) doing to help now and for the future?

2. Are they selling what we conserve to others?

3. Are they taking on new customers?

If the shortage is real, more water consumers should not be added to the problem.

Roy Jueal

Twain Harte

Playing God with world markets

To the Editor,

I think it is time, long overdue, to speak out against popular myths about the nature of the economy when in a recession, and our real possibilities for recovery.

Uncritical support of the "Full Employment Act of 1946" without modification is no longer a realistic approach to the application of fiscal and monetary policy in Washington.

Clearly our dependency on shifts in aggregate demand - largely the realm of business expectations that govern final results in 'Employment, Interest and money' - are a severe miscalculation we can no longer entertain in the halls of government or amongst our political leadership.

National, state and local policies that have emerged since Ronald Reagan restructured economic expectations when he moved to mobilized the nation to put an end to the Cold War, have perhaps permanently crippled our ability to respond to such global crises.

Yes, we wanted to put an end to the terror that accompanied the contest between superpowers.

Yes, adding the 'second sex' to the work force enriched and benefited the entire nation.

But implementing the Welfare Reform Act did not reduce the roles of the working poor at subsistence level living.

Signing the international NAFTA Treaty did not enhance our competitive edge with the European Union, China (or Japan and South East Asia).

And realization of the World Trade Organization (WTO) as the final ingredient of global capitalism, and a living monument to John Maynard Keynes at Bretton Woods, may prove our undying nightmare as such globalization moves to the next phase of corporate monopoly capital.

Surely we can no longer play God with world markets as if we were the only players that mattered...

Tim K. Fitzgerald