Union Democrat staff

Obamacare takes from Medicare

To the Editor,

In response to Lloyd Kramer's Aug. 17 letter:

Do you not realize that Obama is taking from $716-$750 billion dollars from our Medicare funds to support his Obamacare? Just what do you think that will do to Medicare?

I worked insurance most of my life. This is the worst thing that can happen to our Medicare. We will have 15 non-medical people telling our doctors what they can do and not do for us. It will take months to get an MRI or CAT scan. The ERs will have 8 to 10 hour waiting to be seen.

I worked with Canadians who had socialized medicine and they came to the U.S. to get their medical care because it took forever to get tests done, etc., in Canada.

If we put Obama back in office, you will lose a lot more than your Medicare.

With Paul Ryan, he will see that nothing changes for those who have it now or are just getting on it.

Obama is not telling the truth about any of this. He hasn't told the truth about much of anything.

I pray the seniors wake up before election day and study what is really the truth. I know because I worked with Medicare and Medicaid for years.

Obama's plan will destroy Medicare/Medical.

Patricia DuFur


Obama sign is offensive

To the Editor,

What is it that Dorothy Stevens (July 27 Letter to the Editor) finds "uplifting" about the Phoenix Lake Road display?

It it connecting her president to the man responsible for the murder of 6 million Jews and the deaths of millions of allied soldiers in World War II? Is it the black portrayal of her president? One can disagree with the current administration, as many did with the last, but some level of decency should be exercised.

This display is shameful and I think Mike Macon's letter expressed it best, "Sir, have you no decency?"

Sharon Petersen

Twain Harte

It's time to

shake up TUD

To the Editor,

Californians know earthquakes; the earth's plates are held in check by friction for decades. Then one day the forces of change because movements that release a force causing the whole thing to erupt. Social change can look a bit like tectonic events.

Years of resentments and frustrations can suddenly erupt, fracturing long-held relationships or understandings. In 1773, English tea was dumped in Boston Harbor by frustrated colonists.

In 2010, Tea Party freshman took ideological control of Congress successfully changing the conversation around federal spending limits.

Today in Tuolumne we face a fault line that runs through the residents and Tuolumne Utilities District. Tensions are mounting.

Humans cannot survive five days without water. Every community depends on successful water management.

The board overseeing TUD swore a promise to be good stewards of public funds. No other authority has access to the water district organizational assets: minutes, files, policies, records, emails, invoices, contracts, request for bids, accounting ledgers, memorandums of understanding, etc. That data describes exactly how the district operates.

However, unlike the bankrupt counties in our state, our county will suffer no surprises going forward, right?

Tectonic tension builds over-time as multiple small infractions occur. Disasters are often a combination of small infractions that reinforce one another.

We need a water Board that we can trust. Trust isn't simply about truthfulness - its a matter of amity and goodwill.

Laws don't have to be broken for trust to be squandered. When management is willing to sacrifice long-term economic security for short-term political advantage - trust is eroded. It's time to shake up the board at TUD.

Ruanne Mikkelsen