Union Democrat staff

Let's hear the other side on vaccination

To the Editor,

I read the article about childhood vaccination rates declining in Monday's Health and Medicine section with interest.

I kept reading, expecting to hear the other side of the issue.

Surely, if the vaccination rate is declining, those who choose not to vaccinate have a good reason for their choice?

And isn't "choice" our right as U.S. citizens under the Constitution - not "the problem" (with our vaccination rates) as Tuolumne County Public Health Officer, Dr. Todd Stolp, put it?

Too many people think our rights should be taken away simply because we do not agree with their views.

I wanted to hear from those parents who don't agree, who have done the research and chosen not to put aluminum, formaldehyde, and sometimes mercury, directly into their child's bloodstream 30 times in the first six years of their life.

Where's their story?

If we heard from them, we would have a more informed view and could fully understand that all sides have a right to make their own choice as they see fit for their family, and neither should have that right threatened.

Ann Hince


Condolences to the Sikh community

To the Editor,

The following members of the Calaveras County faith community add their condolences to the American Sikh community: Faith Lutheran Church of Murphys ELCA, Pastor Doug Merritt, and the Church Council; First Congregational Church of Murphys United Church of Christ, Pastor Jeff Cheifetz and the Church Council, Joe Jackson, Moderator; Grace Hills Bible Church, Angels Camp, Pastor Dusty Bach; Sierra Bible Church of Murphys, Pastor Chad Wible, and the Church Board.

We are repelled and saddened by the recent senseless act of violence in Wisconsin against our Sikh brothers and sisters.

Violence against any religious community is an act of violence against all of us.

We stand together in supporting religious freedom and the Constitution of the United States.

The Rev. Jeffrey Cheifetz

First Congregational

Church of Murphys

Repeal the 17th Amendment

To the Editor,

We pledge allegiance to the flag and the Republic for which it stands.

Few citizens understand the difference between a republic and a democracy.

Our founders established a republic by writing into our Constitution several safeguards to prevent pure democracy.

Our textbooks and federal education have failed to educate our citizens on these most important principles of freedom.

These forgotten details have nurtured our nations' longevity and brought blessing to multitudes.

The principles that kept us from becoming a Democracy and destroying freedom are:

1. We are individual states and were intended to stay that way.

The electoral college was agreed upon so each state would always have a say in each election according to their totals and not lose their individual governments.

The smaller states could not be swallowed up by larger states.

2. The second principle that made us a republic was that the Constitution provided for each state government to send two senators to Washington.

The U.S. Senate was to represent states rights in legislation and the House was to represent the people.

In great ignorance and foolishness the 17th Amendment repealed the provision ... We must repeal the 17th Amendment.

There has been a flood of human reasoning; (a way that seems right to man, but destructive to justice) that has moved us from order to chaos.

In discarding our founders' wisdom we now have a government that has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent among us swarms of new officers (through taxes and regulations) to harass us and eat our substance.

Let us renew our Covenant with God and George Washington which was made at St. Paul's Cathedral in New York (still standing adjacent to Ground Zero).

Jan Higgins