Union Democrat staff

Caricature used to just be an ant

To the Editor,

This is in response to the Aug. 1 letter written by Gilbert Hofacker, regarding the "black pipe caricature of President Obama" on Phoenix Lake Road.

First, and most certainly foremost, the "black pipe caricature" was and never has been a caricature of President Obama. It is, and always has been, a black ant that originally held the homeowner's mail box, a rather clever idea, I thought. Most writers protesting the signage have forgotten that fact or may have never noticed it before now.

Secondly, this is the United States of America. Because of our great Constitution, we are guaranteed the right of free speech.

I am a registered Independent voter. I base my voting decision solely upon whether or not a candidate will do the best job for our country, not because of party affiliation, race or religion. If you don't like what the sign says, don't look at it; if you don't like what you see on TV, change the channel. It's as simple as that!

C'mon people, there are more important issues at hand beside the ant!

Kandy Bell


Elected officials speak unwisely

To the Editor,

Your otherwise good coverage ("Lake is water priority", August 15) of the August 14 joint Board of Supervisors and TUD Board meeting on water issues missed one disturbing element that was apparent to many in the audience.

When are our elected officials going to learn that it is counterproductive to publicly bash State officials who hold our fate in their hands?

TUD staff did a reasonably diplomatic job of spelling out the exceptionally complicated water issues that may impact Tuolumne County that are currently on the front burner in Sacramento.

Sadly, the response of our local elected officials was to simplify it all and blame Sacramento for all our woes.

Whether there may be some truth to their paranoia or not, it's not helpful when a county Supervisor publicly questions whether the members of the most important State level water agency have any "brains."

And it's no more helpful when a TUD board member describes the actions of that and other state water agencies as being "antics."

Inflammatory rhetoric like that has a way of finding its way back to Sacramento.

It's no way to make friends and positively influence people. As far back as biblical times it has been understood that you reap what you sow.

Some of our local elected officials need to refresh themselves on Paul's letters to the Galatians.

Jerry Cadagan


K through university education

To the Editor,

If the teacher stinks, fire them. I have seen movies with teachers with pure passion. Edward Olmos "math," Morgan Freeman "principal," Richard Dreyfuss "music." I don't know who starred in the story about teaching every grade.

Oh my goodness. If every teacher taught like he did what a wonderful world it would be. Parents help teachers: 1. Listen to your child/children; 2. Children lie. Find out from other parents if your child is telling the truth; 3. Help your kids teacher with books, pencils, color paper. If you don't have children, I know we pay taxes for schools; 4. Be helpful. Supplies, money over and above your taxes or volunteer to help your teacher without pay.

Wear funny hats. Go on field trips. Teach outside in a tree. Make it fun for kids, not just the intelligent ones. Put your desks in the round not in rows. Teach with passion. If you can't, get out of teaching. You are not helping the kids. I never had a good teacher.

Jackie Davis


Slap in the face

to taxpayers

To the Editor,

I can't believe it! I just heard on the news that the Department of Fish and Game wants to spend approximately $250,000 to change their name, logo and websites. I am hoping that while state and county employees, and many other taxpayers, are taking cuts in pay, losing jobs and being forced to take furlough days that the state will not condone this waste of money.

I don't usually do this, but I wrote to the governor, the senator and the assemblyman, as well as the Dept. of Fish and Game.

I would encourage the other members of this community to do the same. I believe that this is a slap in the face to taxpayers that are being affected by government spending cuts.

Teresa Hernandez

Twain Harte