Union Democrat staff

Cents per gallon of gas do matter

To the Editor,

Over the years I have read many letters regarding the price of gasoline per gallon. The recent article in your paper dated Aug. 14, 2012 has finally prompted me once again. We are all affected by the cost per gallon of gas. We all use it.

First off, it was quoted, "a fire last week at a large oil refinery in Richmond reduced capacity at that facility that produces at least 15 percent of the state's fuel ... which required a special blend of cleaner gasoline making it difficult to replace that lost supply."

Who then replaces my home if that burns, can I expect local citizens to start paying to replace my home? No.

That is why I pay insurance so why doesn't the refinery pay insurance for the same reason? The same goes for the high price of crude oil, insurance. The paper was right, we do not give up a vacation for a few pennies per gallon.

There are many citizens affected by many cents per gallon. We all need necessities just to survive our daily needs for such as food, doctor visits, visiting aging parents, Sunday church and those trips to the "gas station." Some such are the elderly, kids for travel to and from school (some at great distances).

Why do we need to pay extra per gallon to support gas stations, they certainly do not support we who must drive to live? The gas stations should have paid insurance in advance of need as do we to cover the unexpected.

Gene Smith


Lottery should benefit schools

To the Editor,

Here we go again!

The lottery people, in their in their stupid wisdom, have yet another asinine commercial on T.V.

That money they spend could, and should, go to the strapped schools.

The latest one does not make sense at all.

Jackie Baker


Obama v Romney

To the Editor:

M.C. Long: You attack Romney for having "Mansions, cars" and his wife's "prancing horses." I have a problem with taxpayer financed trips to Spain with an entourage of friends by Mrs. Obama. Travel and security we the people paid for. Two planes, one hour apart, to Martha's Vineyard to vacation with the elite society, paid for by we the people.

Mrs. Romney is spending her own money. Check out the salary for Michelle Obama at the University of Chicago Medical Center in 2005.

Regarding military service, tell me where Barack Hussein Obama has served. The Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Services did not know the difference between a "Navy corpsman" and a "Navy Corpse Man."

Swiss and offshore accounts? Look at the Clintons. Can you produce work credentials for B.H.O.?

Gov. Romney made his fortune for himself. In Obama's own words he was raised in a privileged environment (private schools, etc.)

Why criticize a self-made person in opposition to a person who was manufactured by the media and the Chicago Daley machine and sold to the American public. Take a look at just a few of Obama's 30 some-odd appointees.

Van Jones (green czar); Kevin Jennings (safe school czar); Anita Dunn (communications director).

I'll take Romney's B.S. and raise you challenge to restore our morality, our self respect and above all, our Republic.

Katherine Van Hatten