Lacey Peterson
The Union Democrat

Phoenix Lake Obama caricature

To the Editor,

Why are so many offended by the Obama caricature?

Is it because it's painted black?

Obama calls himself a "black man." He is in fact, half white, which the dictionary says is mulatto. Are we allowed to use that word? Or is "mulatto" offensive?

Obama seems to be proud of himself being black -why is it racist to portray him as black?

Probably the statue should be more correctly half black and half white, but if so, which half should be white? Surely not the left side, people would be offended.

George Bush is accused of being "dumb" (degrees from Yale and Harvard -where are your degrees?), and a "draft dodger." (He was a fighter pilot - what uniform did Obama wear?)

Effigies of President Bush showed up frequently during his presidency. Offensive speech about Bush is "political disclosure," but offensive speech about Obama is "shameful racism."

Since we're all socialists now, people on both sides should keep quiet about their views - it's what good socialists do.

Richard Eller


Scraping by and increased rates

To the Editor,

Well now, I said to myself, self, Calaveras looks like a good place to retire to, on our fixed income.

Wrong. The house is nearly paid for along with the vacant lot next door, so we're scraping by, even with the present economic situation.

Now it looks like my home lot and my weed lot are both going to become a luxury, or an unneeded expense. How many folks are singing that song?

Last week it was CCWD that is talking about an increase for water service and the entire county is going to be charging more for fire prevention by parcels. Even though we use minimum water at the house and just mow the weeds next door.

Why not allow gray water irrigation to save water for irrigation? And fine people that don't live in the county, that start fires, according to how much it costs to put them out?

Al Duncan

Valley Springs

Stop government overspending

To the Editor,

The recent defeat of the Transient Occupancy Tax on only private RV parks for the benefit of the State of California, coupled with the unique discovery of monies to fund certain State Parks should be a grateful signal to all.

The significant waste, fraud and abuse of our state and federal governments to entice us to vote for funding of items while hiding funding monies has convinced me to vote 'No' on all funding measures where the money goes to the state and the federal governments, no matter what!

We must stop the overspending to save our country.

James P. Beaty