Union Democrat staff

Early voting a

matter of fairness

To the Editor,

There are 88 counties in the state of Ohio. Sixty-seven of them are considered "red" or Republican and 21 are considered "blue," or Democratic. There are two Democrats and two Republicans on an elections committee for each county.

The committees were asked to vote to allow early voting, meaning staying open evenings and weekends so people could more easily vote in the weeks before the regular election (last time the lines were unbelievably long).

In all of the "red" counties the vote was both Republicans, and both Democrats voting to allow early voting. Both sides agreeing that this was best for everyone. When the votes were counted for the "blue" counties, the two Democrats voted for the early voting but the two Republicans voted "No" in every one.

None of those counties will allow it. Isn't that strange?

This is yet another example of Republicans trying to make voting more difficult for voters...obviously, the Democratic voters. This is going on everywhere...intimidation through requiring I.D.'s or making it difficult to just stand in line for hours to vote. And it is aimed at people in union and black states in particular...people that historically vote Democratic.

If Republicans cannot win fairly, they will win unfairly. That is becoming more obvious everyday!

Judy Herring


Reduced school days at Sonora High

To the Editor,

This comment answers an article about Sonora High School having fewer days this coming year. Twenty?

I really find it very hard to see a high school with so many high paid administrators at one single school. Five administrators are making close to $100,000 a year or over and there are still layoffs and a coming shorter year.

I find it very hard to see that the students at, or coming into Sonora High School, are important at all!

You tell me that you need a superintendent and principal on the same school campus? Perhaps they could split a year so that only one is on campus at a time and only one very high salary coming out of a slim budget?

These very lopsided conditions really sadden me and I only hope that someday there is a board that has the spirit to make a difference during these hard times.

Cutting the school year 20 days should never be an option!

Paulina Sanfilippo


A right to your opinion, not facts

To the Editor,

You have the right to your own opinion but not your own facts. A recent letter, trying to shift blame away from President Bush, stated that "Bush had a Democratic House and Senate."

Not true until 2006. That's why he could immediately get rid of the "pay-go" plan that helped the Clinton Administration reduce the deficit every year for eight years in a row. That's why he could pass massive tax cuts for the rich.

Everyone agrees that we need 150,000 new jobs every month to just break even. That's about 14 million new jobs every 8 years. Clinton raised taxes and produced 22 million jobs. Bush cut taxes and produced two million new jobs.

Do you think the fact that the Bush years fell 12 million jobs short has anything to do with the fact that the current unemployment is 15 million?

The government only considers you unemployed if you are still looking for a job. In the Bush years, millions of people quit looking for a job so the unemployment rate stayed artificially low. Obama gave people hope so they started looking for jobs again (Just as the housing bubble burst). After 6 straight month of job losses of 750,000 per month, the stimulus plan passed and in just over a year we were producing 250,000 jobs per month.

Job growth has been positive ever since with 4.5 million new jobs in the last 29 months.

Re-elect Obama.

Bob Gould