Union Democrat staff

Death and injuries by gun-wielders

To the Editor,

At the risk of incurring the wrath and enmity of the self-proclaimed "patriots" of the National Rifle Association (including draft-dodgers George W. Bush and Dick Cheney), I suggest that the NRA alter its name to the National Automatic Guns Association (NAGA) in view of the death and injuries wrought across America by gun-wielders in the recent years.

Ray Mellana


Our freedoms are

being threatened

To the Editor,

Here's your Republican candidate for president. Just bought a house here in California for a touch over $12 million. A few months later he files for a tax reduction because he says his house is only worth half of the value he paid. He just does not want to pay the California 1 percent value per Prop. 13. Here's the point. You want a president who's just admitted he paid too much for his new house when he's a business genius. Just think, if he waited 6 months he could have got the house for half price.

As to some recent letters. Your freedoms are being threatened. Right wing Koch party Republicans are suppressing voting rights countrywide. Over 14 anti-female bills introduced in the house. The Supreme Court shuts down Republican Communism in Michigan. Gun control. I ask the NRA to come to Groveland and replace all the road signs shot up by local gun toting loyal NRA members. Remember these are paid for by people's taxes. I guess if get you hit by a stray bullet you've become a victim of someone else's rights. And to the black statue. You can't hide your racial prejudice by claiming free speech!

Obama. Just one thing we all should be proud of. Over 30 million people will now have access to health care through the ACA. Just think, now we all have access to Death Panels of our choosing. How cool is that.

Jim Hassay


Insults thrown

at GOP unfair

To the Editor,

With some frequency, letters from Democrats appear on this page, ascribing various negative characteristics to Republicans. Most recently, a letter writer linked the hateful effigy on Phoenix Lake Road to the GOP.

It's confounding, but nevertheless true, that adherents of the Left are complacent and comfortable in leveling unsubstantiated insults. It would be beneficial for them to consider that here in Tuolumne County they are insulting the majority of voters and thus must hold a negative view of the majority of their neighbors.

Surely if leftist letter writers were asked if they felt their next door neighbors were racists, they would at least think twice before applying such a characterization.

Michael Ackley