Union Democrat staff

State Park fiscal mismanagement

To the Editor,

Like everyone else I found the news that the California State Parks had "misplaced" $54 million very disturbing and frustrating.

The mismanagement of funds at the State level should not be held against the dedicated employees and volunteers of Railtown.

As a member of the Twain Harte Rotary Club, I know our community stepped up in a huge way to support the Rotary fund raisers that raised $75,000 over the last four months.

With the $75,000 being matched by the Sonora Area Foundation, the $150,000 will keep Railtown open through June 2013.

Although Rotary was scheduled to release the first of three $25,000 payments to the Parks Dept on July 31, these funds will not be disbursed until Rotary knows how the issue of the $54 million will be resolved.

Rotary is committed to seeing that the money raised by the community will only be spent on Railtown. A committee of community leaders continue to meet to develop a business plan for Railtown that will make it the number one destination in central California.

A viable and sustainable Railtown will be a critical component of the economic well being of Tuolumne County in the coming years.

John Zach

Twain Harte

Don't make a Mitt-stake in 2012

To the Editor,

The picture of cash bursting from his suit should be enough; or an elevator for his cars in one of his mansions; or his wife's horsey-prancing hobby, "Dressage" or that not one of his 5 military-aged sons have ever enlisted; or refusing to disclose more than 2010 taxes and 2011 "summary," despite the precedent set by his father and that he has Swiss and off-shore, tax-deferred accounts, all should be enough to see why, without fail, he doesn't know what a doughnut is: Romney's clueless to the plight of the working class because he's the poster child for America's one percent.

Such elitist lifestyles have fallen on the back of the Common Man like a house on a witch in Oz, and a vote for Romney is a vote for Wall St., Monsanto, Sheldon Adelson, the brothers Koch and all lifetime members of the "Too Big to Fail" club.

Like those Supreme judges who decreed, in Citizens United, corporations as "people" therefore, eligible to donate unlimited, anonymous amounts to political parties - insulting those whose checkbooks couldn't cover the mortgage, saying corporate wealth doesn't influence elections.

Well, if B.S. was a sport - that won Olympic gold! But now that corporations are "people," aren't they beholden to laws, not just campaigns?

Shouldn't Freddie and Fannie be in prison, CitiCorp on trial and "people" like BP, Halliburton, JP Morgan on death row?

I don't despise wealth, earned or bequeathed; I despise avarice, hypocrisy and politicians sold to the highest bidder. Real people, like Hannity, Rush & egregious public servants, avoid truth and propagate lies because they can afford membership in Romney's club.

Don't make a Mitt-stake in 2012.

M.C. Long


Obama sign on Phoenix Lake Road

To the Editor,

The man who lives at the foot of Phoenix Lake with his strange caricature has to be admired, I suppose, for his tenacity and willingness to express his opinions.

However, when I first drove drive by his place some time back, what originally struck me is that his cartoon-ish figure must be the construction paper project of a third-grader.

Then I realized it wasn't when I saw the various Letters to the Editor in this very space.

But I feel he is expressing something more that I don't like: apparent in his caricature is racism, and a downright mean and nasty attitude toward our president.

Like the man or not, and I personally have mixed feelings, he is our duly-elected president.

No matter what one's politics, he deserves more respect than this third-grader's apparition.

What on earth is happening to our country?

Roberta Goodwin