Union Democrat staff

Will be voting for

President Obama

To the Editor,

Re: Opinion page July 26

Re: Sidney Taylor. I feel the same way about gun control but unfortunately bad people will always be able to get their hands on assault weapons illegally regardless of gun control or not.

Re: Sean Owens letter. I'm sorry but Mr. Romney has cheated the U.S. out of taxes on the money he holds in his offshore accounts. I just don't want a president like that. President Obama may not have fixed the economy. I don't think President Obama or Mr. Romney or any president for many years can fix the economy. We need to "all" try to help the economy. I wish I had some answers.

The only way to fix the economy is to bring companies back to the U.S. and put "our" people back to work.

I will be voting for President Obama. At least in my eyes he is not a tax evader like Mr. Romney.

Jackie Davis


Government is the enemy of business

To the Editor,

Response to Klaus Kramer 7/26/12:

Government owns everything - including private small business - really? You are spouting the "socialist" mentality of government owns everything. If what you say is true then the small business owner is at the mercy of the government. The government can tax the small business owner and prevent the small business owner from making a decent profit to live on. The small business owner works to make government bigger and more bloated by paying more and more taxes. This is nuts! What sane person would want to build a business?

Government does not help small business, government is the enemy of small business with their rules and stifling regulations. Higher taxes kill small business - Higher taxes kill jobs!

Irene Zamzow


Free speech,

hateful words

To the Editor,

This letter is in response to the woman who wrote that the sign on Phoenix Lake Road was "uplifting" to her. I do not know how far down on the spectrum you have to be to see that sign as uplifting. It is anything but uplifting.

This sign reflects attitudes of people who are indeed ill-informed and misguided.

While I find the sign to be very disturbing, it is the owner's right to say what he thinks.

When I drive by, I take a deep breath and think about their right to free speech even though what they are saying is hateful.

It has been heartening to see so many letters in the paper who find the sign repugnant. Hooray for Tuolumne County.

Carol Malispina