Union Democrat staff

Thank you for

senior discounts

To the Editor,

When I was doing my morning prayer time and Bible study on Sunday and thanking the Lord for a senior discount I was given on Friday by a local car repair, I thought, "Why didn't I write a thank you note directly to the person who gave me the discount?"

Little did he realize that the $40 discount he gave me could buy groceries for a week for this 77-year-old widow living mostly on Social Security.

I further thought that I should write thank you notes to the many stores and businesses that routinely give me senior discounts.

When I add up the senior discounts I receive, it amounts to a fair amount of money. I don't believe these people really know how much this helps.

Even pennies add up!

I just wanted to share this to all businesses over the years that I have received these discounts and really never have thanked them.

Thank you all businesses throughout the area (and everywhere) for the discounts and know that it really helps!

Thank you!!

Emma L. George


Heaven help us all

To the Editor,

As Democrats, we respect the right of all Americans to express their opinions, whether we like them or not.

This Constitutional principle has guided us with respect to the black pipe caricature of President Obama on Phoenix Lake Road.

But, even for Democrats, tolerance has limits.

"Barack - dark Adolf - Obama" is more than an ignorant personal insult. This is the office of the President of the United States, indisputably elected, by the way.

The perfect collaboration of government, business, and the church seems to be the idea of today's Tea Party activist, fundamentalist Christian dominated Republican Party. This was also Benito Mussolini's state ideal for his Italian Fascist Party. Most Democrats see the Republican version of "freedom" as freedom for corporations, with unlimited funds - with the government in our bedrooms.

To us, the right wing media babble is as close to Fascist extremism as America has come since the days of McCarthy, or the German-American Bund supporting Adolf Hitler.

Since George W. Bush opened the doors of government to religious fundamentalists and rampant corporatism, there are now two Americas. And the Republican America of Limbaugh, Fox and Christian talk radio is far more removed from the Party of Eisenhower, or even Reagan.

There was disagreement then, but also compromise, and a standard of decency.

Government worked, unlike the gridlock with the party of "No" today.

If Republicans have influence with the fellow on Phoenix Lake Road, they might tell him he is not helping their cause. If they really think he is, then Heaven help us all!

Gilbert Hofacker


New blood needed

on TUD board

To the Editor,

Four Tuolumne Utilities District board spots are open this election cycle.

New people are needed that can first of all read and understand financial statements and budgets and know where TUD spends our money.

More California cities will be declaring bankruptcy all due to a combination of gross mismanagement and incompetent elected officials who gave away over-generous salaries and unsustainable employee and retirement benefits.

It can happen right here in Tuolumne County with TUD if we continue with the same board. We need a new slate of candidates that can look through the smoke and mirror of a budget and see where our rate increases are going.

These candidates need to look at our geographic area and realize that they can't view the budget and salaries as if they were living in Walnut Creek or San Jose.

This is Tuolumne County and paying people and supplying benefits that put them into the six figures when a lot of people in the private sector aren't making that. That is not good nor is it fair to our community.

The TUD mantra of needing to be competitive with other water districts is part of the water monopoly's talking points. I don't buy it and neither should you!

The ideal candidates would have the guts to ask the hard questions and engage in real discussion about how to save this water district from itself. We need experienced and fiscally conservative business people who have worked in both the private as well as public sector and know how to run a business and are not beholden to any union special interest.

MP McHugh

Twain Harte

Hang up on scam phone calls

To the Editor,

I found Dave Bremer's letter of July 30 interesting in that I also received a call from a "Microsoft technician" saying he would help me fix a problem with my computer.

He said his name was Miguel and when I asked where he was calling from he said he was in New York. When I told him 1. I don't have a problem, and 2. I don't use Windows because I have a Mac, he hung up.

I received the same call this morning, but this time I beat him to the punch and hung up first.

Listen to Dave. Listen to me. Hang up.

Iris Gardner


Barack Obama is mediocre at best

To the Editor,

In regard to Dorothy L. Stevens letter of July 27, I say "three cheers!"

If this country chooses to re-elect Barack Obama, they will get exactly what they deserve, mediocrity at best.

If this makes me a racist, so be it.

Janice Keller