Union Democrat staff

TUD scare tactics

To the editor,

I opened my Tuolumne Utilities District water bill to find an insert entitled "Understanding our Water Supply."

This started out with a lot of good information, but as I read on I was surprised to see the public being told that the state will not let us take water from Pinecrest Lake during the summer in dry years "even if it is needed by TUD customers."

This is patently false, as is illustrated by the fact that last week the state allowed us to do just that.

What puzzles me is that TUD general manager Pete Kampa was present at a meeting on this subject in Sacramento with state water board officials when I asked (as a TUD board member) what would happen if we ran out of water in a dry year.

The answer was, "Of course we would give you water ... domestic water supply trumps recreation and all other beneficial uses."

One wonders why Mr. Kampa would put out a misleading statement like this.

Ralph Retherford

Former TUD Director


Gun control doesn't threaten freedom

To the Editor,

If we as a nation needed any more proof that democracy is being replaced by an oligarchy of the powerful and rich, look no further than the control the National Rifle Association holds over politicians after the latest, but not last, slaughter of innocent people in Colorado.

As usual, there will be battle lines drawn, albeit temporarily, for and against gun control. Nothing will come of it, because the power the NRA and its puppets have to convince people that "Your freedoms are being threatened" language. Where are the freedoms of that in society that want freedom from terror, wherever it comes from? Where are the common sense leaders of every state willing to stand up to the gun lobby and restrict the ability to inflict massive carnage?

The NRA and those that blindly follow their dogma will argue that "only criminals will have guns" if there is restrictions on weapons. I can't believe that responsible gun owners can object to laws that would make it tougher to purchase weapons if lives can be saved as a result. Those who own firearms own a weapon, used for hunting, target competition, self protection, and for a few, killing humans.

Wayne Kirkbride

Twain Harte

Working together to make life better

To the Editor,

It was interesting to read the passionate letters by Klaus Kraemer and Sean Owens in the July 26 Union Democrat.

Klaus presenting the good things that give all of us the enjoyment of experiencing the benefits of living in this great country, and Sean appreciating the opportunities that hard work achieves.

The connection of these two views seems to be that although we all receive these benefits equally, there are those who use them to achieve the American dream and those who, for whatever reason, fail to do so.

May we all work together with our individual God-given gifts to donate time and effort to make the lives of all a better one.

Betty Hobbs