Union Democrat staff

Government helped

in business success

To the Editor,

Phil VanSwoll, in his letter from July 24, proudly recalls having built his business solely with his own sweat equity. He says, "the government did absolutely nothing to assist me."

Not to diminish his pride: Government made his success possible.

Government sent him to school - where else did he learn the readin', writin', 'rithmatic necessary in life?

Government provided Mr. VanSwoll with an infrastructure - like roads, clean air and drinking water, a monetary systems that despite all its flukes still makes possible an economy that benefits all (well, not all equally, but where would we be without it?). Government provided him with a system of laws - ground rules for all to play by, including a judicial system to make sure rule breakers get punished.

Government provided him with a security system - police, fire protection, the military. Government gave him a health care system so not every charlatan can call himself a doctor and peddle ineffective or dangerous medicines.

None of these government activities I consider handouts. I call them investments in our society (I'm sure as a businessman VanSwoll understands the term).

They were paid for by taxes, of course. That's how a government finances what it does. Instead government provides systems that make our society possible.

What kind of society would we live in if only rich people could afford to stop working at old age, without Social Security? He should look back at what his tax dollars have achieved. That should give him proper pride and direction.

Klaus Kraemer


Distasteful sign, free speech rights

To the Editor,

As to the fanatic on Phoenix Lake Road, his flag burning friends at the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) will defend his right to free speech, no matter how distasteful.

J.W. Smith


Stop this insanity, gun control needed

To the Editor,

I have two words after hearing about the recent shooting in Colorado: Gun control.

How many more innocent people (especially children) have to be murdered because crazy, evil thugs can get guns so easily?

I'm watching the coverage of this last act of carnage and no one is talking about gun control. I'm not against someone hunting a deer or a duck and eating what they kill, but you don't need a glock or an assault weapon to go hunting.

We hear about shooting's on the news every day. When are the people in charge of our country going to do something to stop this insanity?

Also, the news should stop showing a photo of the killer over and over, giving that person publicity.

Sydney Taylor


Economy isn't fixed

To the Editor,

I feel the need to address a few things that seem to be said again and again: I do not care where Mitt Romney has his money. I also do not need to see his tax returns, any more than I need to see President Obama's tax records. I could care less.

This is a non issue.

I see the issue as a simple one - this President has not fixed the economy.

There seems to be two types of people in America today: There are those that see opportunity and do whatever it takes to achieve it, and those that spend all of their free time complaining about the fact that they do not have all they want, and demand that someone give it to them.

The first group has my respect, they set a goal for themselves, and work hard against the odds to get it. The second group is nothing more than cry-babies. For each and every one of you that is insulted by this, or has an argument against it, you fall into the second group.

For those that are smiling as they read it, you are in the first group, and I respect you.

Sean Owens