Union Democrat staff

County budget

woe train

To the Editor,

It's our fault, of course, the million and a half dollar deficit that the county has. Not the Board of Supervisors or county administrator.

They couldn't be responsible.

At every turn they've tried to save the taxpayers' money. They've had to cap the money well at the justice center site.

It's a thing to see money spewing all over the place. I'm sure that those all-new black and white police vehicles were much cheaper than those old black and whites. Since the recession has officially been over for three years, this $1.5 million deficit must have fallen on the county government like a ton of bricks.

Right out of nowhere did this appear. None of them heard the train coming? Or were they all expecting that to be a gravy train filled with biscuits?

Or will we just get more wonderful taxes?

Aw, just one more time to kill the pain.

Tom Griffiths


Hunting rants

To the Editor,

SB 1221, which I support, is releasing a torrent of vitriolic anger from those who feel their freedoms are being impinged. Their rantings are crude and irrational. They have lost their humanity, if they ever had it.

The same can be said for the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors. Inflicting such pain in the name of the dollar is outrageous.

I have not been present during such a hunt but having seen a video of a juvenile bear being torn to shreds by a pack of about 10 dogs and his pathetic attempts to escape and I feel I do not need to.

Bears and lynx are living sentient beings, folks!

I do not feel that this bill restricts my rights to bear arms and to those who feel that hounding is acceptable because it is a long standing historic practice.

Many cruel and abusive practices have been ongoing for 100-plus years and that does not make them right. Examples are the sex trade, slavery and child labor.

In Roman times prisoners had a similar fate of being shredded by large carnivores. But as a society we do not accept these activities today.

Our standards concerning these and related issues have changed for the better.

Lastly, note that radio-collaring with GPS systems has not been going on for 100-plus years. Using this modern technology is unsporting.

Why anyone thinks it fun seeing an animal killed this way is beyond my comprehension.

Jean Howard, M.D.