Union Democrat staff

Response to critics

To the Editor,

In response to recent Democratic critics found in the June 7 edition of The Union Democrat: Apparently their failure to seat an endorsed candidate has occurred twice in the last two election cycles.

Perhaps this time county leaders did not understand what they were up against upon my advertising my background as a published author. And in fact not one county chairman mentioned ever placed one call to me all spring - after I filed - and I was totally ignored once they failed to invite me to participate in the selection process.

Had they consulted the claims in my political memoirs - released in three volumes and available in the Tuolumne County Library since last fall - they would have known those works outline my active history in this state's politics dating back over 45 years. And that I was privileged to play a significant role in the national Democratic Party's history as well.

This time I relied on all my own savings - all public knowledge itemized when I first filed candidacy.

As for being an authority: three of my five degrees I earned at San Jose State University were focused on economics and economic related issues. And my monthly columns published last year, introduced me as an expert on the National Economy by a well known monthly nationally WEB based Journal - the dailypost.org. And furthermore, my complete SJSU official transcripts were released to a Union Democrat reporter for inspection.

Tim K. Fitzgerald


Building codes should be uniform

To the Editor,

Just a little note to the county officials asking why sprinklers are needed for a one-story building that sleeps more than five, but not an older two story building that sleeps more than five. If you look around the county of Tuolumne and I can count at least three in Groveland, we have several building that need to have sprinklers. So why is one business singled out and the others are not made to have sprinklers?

One of these buildings is attached to several other businesses in Groveland and if it started burning, the whole town would burn.

So to me, that new business should be made to have them also because they are a threat to the whole town.

We should not have loop holes for certain kinds of buildings.

Fire burns. It doesn't care about your loop holes for certain people.

Make codes to fit every business.

Joanne Bacci


Hunting with dogs

To the Editor,

In response to Bert Canepa's letter from July 6: Sorry Bert, in this twisted world, taking my teaching of "if you shoot it, you eat it," it would simply mean cannibalism would be at an all time high, but perhaps the Humane Society would find this more amiable than hunting with dogs.

Barbara Childers


Deception by Justice Roberts

To the Editor,

A thought for the day: Before Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion that the "Obamacare" bill is constitutional under the "commerce clause" provisions, and that it imposed a "tax" on those "mandated" to buy health insurance, and that the ultimate decisions on the implementation of the bill's provisions rested on the decisions of the electorate in the states, not on the court, was he aware that the polls revealed that the large majority of Americans hate taxes and would throw out the law after the 2012 presidential election placing Mitt Romney in the White House and a predominately Republican Congress in power, both dedicated to repeal "Obamacare," appointing more Republicans to the Supreme Court and ousting Obama?

If he was aware of these polls, he glories in the praise he is receiving for sacrificing his Republican ideology and preserving his integrity, and that of the other members of the majority of the court in its ruling. How about that for deception by Roberts and the entire members of the ruling majority?

Ray Mellana