Union Democrat staff

Hunting and fishing

To the Editor,

Many remain unaware that Ducks Unlimited, a pro sport hunting entity, has preserved more critical wetland habitat than all others combined!

As idiotic golf courses were gobbling up prime coastal habitat these folks went to bat to save wetlands from all forms of development. So let's collectively thank duck hunters nationwide.

In Yellowstone National Park, now close to 30 years after reintroducing wolves to the region, the natural equilibrium found in unmolested habitat has returned. Better fishing, more birds and a more robust food chain is the end result. Did some wildlife biologists already know wolves could achieve, by their continued presence, such astounding results? Maybe. Wolves, being fairly high up on the food chain, would prevent the large native herds of Elk and Bison from trampling down creek beds. Trees grew back, keeping the streams cooler, increasing spawning success and recreating bird habitat. In 15 years the lake and stream fishing was awesome!

In Sonora, where the ignorant and uninformed feed the deer, hundreds of sick, malnourished deer suffer the consequences, becoming stupid, inbred, inexperienced and unafraid of humans ... stupid local deer ... deer dropouts at large.

Does the head of PETA have leather seats in the Mercedes, eat meat, use dairy or makeup? Quite likely, eh?

Dave Maloney


On to something?

To the Editor,

Re: Letter to Editor from Barbara Childers, June 29.

"...In fact, I have taught my kids that if they shoot something, be prepared to eat it, because we don't shoot just to kill."

If that were the taught maxim for war, what do you think would happen?

My, my, my! What a "harvest!"

Maybe Barbara Childers is on to something here...the end to warfare!

Bert Canepa


Columbia School officials questioned

To the Editor,

So, Columbia School Superintendent John Pendley got his Ph.D. from an institution where dissertations were graded according to their weight. And he says he was enrolled at this institution for one and a half, or two, or three years - the latter assertion made under oath.

As all three of these segments cannot be true, he is either mnemonically challenged or dishonest and thus exposed to a charge of perjury.

As for Columbia Board of Trustees President Clark Segerstrom and his assertion that Pendley saved the school district $1 million by supervising construction: If a construction supervisor was desired, one could have been obtained more cheaply than $175,000 a year.

As for Pendley's "bonus" of $14,000-plus for "extra work": Outside the Columbia fantasy-land, executives don't do "extra work." They're paid handsomely under contract and don't receive overtime.

Like a LaSalle "doctoral" dissertation, the Columbia district board and administration should be weighed in the balance. And it should be found wanting.

Michael Ackley