Union Democrat staff

Freedom of speech; freedom to hunt

To the Editor,

Regarding the letter dated June 26 from Joe Riva about SB1221: I suspect that someone who objects to hunting bears and/or bobcats with hunting dogs would also object to how I like to hunt. I hunt for deer with my dogs.

I don't believe it is about hunting with dogs. I think the real objection is with hunting in general.

He states that the hunting with dogs is cruel and inhumane. Some believe that killing an animal is cruel and inhumane. I do not subscribe to that belief.

I like to hunt and I have been doing this since I was young, going with my father and other relatives. I have never hunted bears with dogs but if bear dogs are like deer dogs, the real 'cruelty' about the activity is that the dogs don't get to go all of the time. Most of the dogs I have owned lived to be out hunting.

I fully support the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors in their vote; hunting is a lawful, ethical sport and as such should be endorsed by our elected officials.

That's what makes this a great country, Joe Riva can express what he believes and so can I. I can go hunting and he doesn't have to.

Jim Phelan


Recall TUD board

To the Editor,

By now, all Tuolumne Utilities District customers have received their Annual Water Quality Report. I smile every year reading it. Who prints this fiction?

Some of the reports date back to 2006.


How current is that?

It wouldn't surprise me that if a state water inspector came into various districts and took water samples from residences, the report would be that the water isn't fit for even bathing. Go away for about three days and come back and see that pretty black ring in your toilet bowl. This will tell you the water quality that is coming through your kitchen faucet.

TUD's admission to years of failing water storage tanks that leak, have rust, mold and moss on them tells us how well they have been handling things. You can be assured that their high salaries, health care coverage and fat retirement packages are in great shape.

Maybe Ralph Retherford resigned from the board because he got frustrated showing up at board meetings, being isolated from the other board members who voted against anything he suggested that was for the good of TUD customers. It must have been difficult for him seeing what has been going on for years.

When Joseph Day left and the vote came for his replacement, Retherford was against the one that the other four voted for. Retherford knew that their choice was a "team player." They all ought to be recalled for total bad management.

The water quality and high water bills we pay speak loudly of management. They are mainly there for the money.

Norman Reed