Union Democrat staff

In defense of our

local hunters

To the Editor,

I have watched the letters roll in about dogs used for hunting bears and the possibility of that coming to an end if government has its way again.

The latest letter that really fired me up was Ms. Beauchel's from June 27.

I am a hunter, though I do not hunt bears and I'm not particularly fond of the idea of treeing a bear with dogs, however, I do know how hard it is to hunt any animal.

While there are "sport hunters," Ms. Beauchel, there are far more hunters who use the meat from the animals they harvest to feed their families.

It is not fair or intelligent to assume that all hunters whether using dogs or not are "sport hunters" just "out for the thrill."

I take harvesting an animal very seriously and find no "thrill" in killing anything. In fact, I have taught my kids that if they shoot something, be prepared to eat it, because we don't shoot just to kill.

If I thought you were informed on this subject I might take offense to your opinion, but clearly you are not!

Barbara Childers


Hunting an

ages-old activity

To the Editor,

This in response to the article on bear hunting with dogs and SB1221.

The "Humane" Society of the United States (HSUS) is pushing this bill. They are basically a political organization with the stated goal of outlawing all animal use including grandma's lap dog.

The facts: Animals killing animals has been going on since the very beginning. If you have watched any of the nature programs on TV you will have witnessed the "cruelty" of nature: God's design.

Man domesticated dogs thousands of years ago to help them hunt other animals, copying God's design.

Is it cruel and unethical to coon hunt with dogs, wild pigs with dogs, birds with dogs, set a falcon on a pigeon, set out decoys and use duck calls, use guns or bows?

Wonder if it's cruel to boil crabs and lobsters to death, snag a fish with a hook and battle it to the boat and have it suffocate to death in the air? Wonder if slaughter houses are cruel?

If these aren't included in SB1221 then the bill is in violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment to the Constitution.

It is the HSUS's opinion that all hunting is cruel and they would deprive you of your right to hunt based on their belief. Why is their opinion and belief able to trump your belief?

They have archaic methods that predate America where the ones with the gold rule. America is a constitutional republic that protects the minority from the oppression of the majority.

Agri-business and hunters had better get their act together and present a united front or you will die the death of a 1,000 cuts at the hands of the HSUS.

John F. Harless