Union Democrat staff

Backward human progress

To the Editor,

The bar sinks lower! Three Alaska governors authorized aerial shooting of wolves so hunters can kill more game (reports since of starving Caribou due to larger numbers) a travesty now metastasized to Idaho!

"But I wanna do it - Now! So what if it causes negative consequences!"

Fussing over gold dredging regs- there are reasons for them. The activity disrupts ecosystems, taking much recovery time!

Critics bemoaned the few dollars more a box for steel shot than lead. Yes, it means lead shot will continue its collateral damage to millions of birds and animals each year but, gee whiz, a few bucks more to remedy that is just unacceptable to the "sportsmen."

Now here's a "traditional" way of "sport-entertainment:" hounding bears!

My native state is now the very deep south where "coon-hunting and such" is acceptable? Of course, the ludicrous moniker "Bible Belt" where self-proclaimed Christians raise tobacco to export cancer to other countries can continue their "tradition," though amoral!

It must be some kind of life highlight to run baying hounds in the woods, tree a terrified bear, kill it, do whatever you do with a dead bear, have a few beers and tell all about your big adventure!

How little progress humans have made from the caves! We go backwards as much as forward!

Jeanne Beauchel


Support neutral centers for youth

To the Editor,

Re: "Angels teen center is a go," story that ran on June 21.

I was absolutely thrilled when I read this story. I spent some of my most acute teenage years in Angels Camp as a 25-year resident of the tri-county area.

When I was in my late teens, there was a community center of sorts located in Altaville, and was the only alternative to going out and getting ourselves into trouble. Some still chose to, but it kept most of us busy and allowed us to find creative outlets in the simplest of ways.

When it went under, it wasn't long before half the people I knew were getting themselves onto dangerous paths, with a portion of those no longer living as an after effect of their choices.

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but fortunately it does to those involved in the ground breaking of this vital project. I urge consistent and constant support of this project by community members and business owners alike. Having an "agenda neutral" place for teens to go to is crucial, and an important outlet in any economically challenged environment.

This is but one of many signs of a healthy community that is in the process of regenerating, despite the growing pains of a long, economic winter.

What makes this even more valuable is in its ability to introduce technologies and hobbies that many might not normally have an opportunity to touch, taste, or sense without such an outlet. As a long-time volunteer in both Calaveras and Tuolumne counties, and involved in programs that directly benefited our local youth, I have seen what little effort can do that directly impacted their adult years. Kudos!

Cryss BlackWolf

Redmond, Wash.