Union Democrat staff

Assembly endorsement

To the Editor,

Perhaps surprisingly, given my recent absence of the past few years from the Mother Lode, the third place finish in the Assembly District here was a validation of my campaign for reform in California of its institutions and system of governance in spite of inter-party rivalry that plagued the campaign almost from the start.

And not wanting to burn any bridges, as I may well want to try again in a couple of years, I want to speak frankly to my supporters and those that were not included in the apparent Republican sweep Tuesday in our District.

Though failure to secure a spot in the run-off may well lay at the lack of voter turnout in Tuesday's election, we are going to have to choose between two establishment Republicans. And I want to go on record that it is my candid and honest opinion the best representation this District can now get in the next term is unquestionably from former State Legislator Rico Oller.

As an engaged participant in the many facets of the spring campaign, it is my informed opinion from direct observation, that Rico most closely aligns himself with concerns of both democratic values, and personal views, that we often both shared during the election, and that will best represent the interests of those who now live in the district.

There were to be true, specific issues that he and I took sharp differences over. That is the nature of our democratic practices in this nation. But the choice is now clear. I thank you again for your unrelenting support and encouragement throughout the district.

Tim K. Fitzgerald


Fitzgerald was a Democratic candidate for Assembly District 5.


County budget

To the Editor,

Just what in the world is going on with county administrator Craig Pedro? One day we have a surplus, the next we have a deficit.

One day we have to sell the mine property for pennies on the dollar because it is so contaminated you can't even stand on it.

Now it's OK to build anything you could possibly dream of on it, and we still do not know if the county will be liable for any more clean up costs.

The amounts of money that Mr. Pedro seems to find and then again lose are considerable.

This is not pocket change.

Now the fault lies with the spreadsheet?

That is a simple piece of paper. Who filled it with information? If a computer program was used, I refer to bad info in, bad info out.

Does no one listen to what he says? Can't anyone remember what he said last month? Now we have overhead revenues?

I could not find a definition for that in the dictionary. This guy needs to step aside and let an independent audit take place and find out where the money is, or is not, and why.

Richard Shears