Union Democrat staff

Hurrah for U.S. Justice system

To the Editor,

Yes, we should be happy that Mr. Edwards is not going to prison. A large gift given to him by a friend for sleazy use to hide a lover should not be considered criminal.

Keep the federal and all levels of government out of our personal lives. Federal funds used for prosecuting private acts from Clinton to Edwards is money misspent.

The media loves this drama; but don't allow them to mislead and merge the difference between illegal and immoral actions.

But be aware of good looking politicians with great smiles with law degrees, and success in bilking millions from the court system.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

More concerts

at Frogtown

To the Editor,

Frogtown needs more concerts.

I recently worked for Rock Med at the First Aid Station at the Reggae in the Hills concert this past weekend. It was a wonderful event.

The music was great and a lot of people had fun.

We need more concerts at our Fairgrounds. Calaveras County has a treasure at that venue and it should be used more.

I would love to see Mountain Aire revived and air shows, horse shows, rodeos, country western concerts and more at our Fairgrounds.

Why not?

Rodger Orman, MD


Health risks of sugar in beverages

To the Editor,

The issue of sugar sweetened beverages has been getting quite a bit of media coverage lately, including the opinion piece that appeared in The Union Democrat last Friday. That article took issue with New York's proposed ban on selling soft drinks in jumbo sizes.

While that policy proposal has its own strengths and weaknesses and is certainly not one being pursued here, the issue at the heart of the ban is definitely worth a look.

Obesity rates are rising dramatically across the nation. The percentage of Tuolumne County residents who are overweight or obese is 65 percent, well above the state average of 56 percent.

Because obesity is linked to serious and life threatening conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer, the obesity epidemic is a major public health issue.

We all know that sugar intake is a major contributor to weight gain. But did you know that the largest source of sugar in the diets of most Americans comes in the form of beverages: soda, sports drinks, sweetened teas and coffees and the like?

Limiting our consumption of these makes a great deal of sense.

So in the coming warm weather months when we all need to stay hydrated everyone should rethink their drinks and choose water or other beverages without added sugar.

And while there is no soda ban in the works here, folks are encouraged to use the information they have to make healthy choices for themselves.

Carlene Maggio