Union Democrat staff

Vote for O'Neil

To the Editor,

Dick Pland has been solid in his commitment to Tuolumne County, sound on the issues set before him, and sensitive to the necessity of building bridges to collaboration whenever possible, and working for compromise when necessary. He will be hard to replace; the next person to occupy his chair can only claim to have been his successor.

But there is one man who will be a worthy successor. And he's been amongst us for a long time. Jim O'Neil is not loud, and his campaign signs aren't large. But his service to the community since arriving over a decade ago speaks volumes. His experience has been visible for us to see firsthand, and has greatly benefited our community. (Think Save Railtown, Jamestown Jail Return, Tuolumne County Planning Commissioner, Leadership Tuolumne County, to name a few.)

What better qualifications for a supervisor than public and private sector positions of leadership (he's not just a joiner) in the very community he seeks to further serve. He is quiet but extremely knowledgeable about our local issues. He is strong in his conservative beliefs but at the same time unwilling to be offensively confrontational. His values-based experience makes Jim O'Neil the best successor to Dick Pland.

Carleton Penwell


Calaveras County endorsements

To the Editor,

The Calaveras Citizens Committee wishes to endorse these candidates as those who will do the most good for us property owners because they appear to be the most committed to government operating by the U.S. Constitution, and are the most opposed to the U.N.'s socialistic "Agenda 21" guidelines which have begun to be implemented into our new, proposed General Plan by the existing county supervisors.

For District 4: Debbie Ponte

For District 2: Bryce Randall and Michael Dell'Orto

For District 1: Joe Kelly

Jay Grimstead


Coordinator, Calaveras Citizens Committee

Fire dept. praise

To the Editor,

On Saturday, May 5, we experienced a medical emergency at our residence in Pine Mountain Lake, which required immediate attention.

I called 911 and within about four and a half to five minutes, subsequent to completing the 911 telephone call, firefighters from the Groveland Fire Department arrived, joined by a Tuolumne County Ambulance crew, and emergency medical procedures were immediately initiated.

The timely response was extremely noteworthy and the services of the firefighters and ambulance crew were outstanding in all rights.

We are very fortunate to have such a fine fire department and ambulance facility in Groveland.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Groveland Fire Department and Tuolumne County Ambulance.

John Olson


Recall TUD board

To the Editor,

The "Guest Opinion" Dr. Ralph Retherford wrote which was in the Union Democrat May 14 tells what's going on with the operation of TUD. What is it going to take to have the users of TUD put a stop to the TUD Water Board and its manager, operating in the way Dr. Retherford discussed in his article?

"Breaking News" - Water rates are going up again! TUD could take measures to save money and operate more efficiently, but they just keep going to the people demanding more money. How bad is it really going to get?

The way rates are continually going up you may not even be able to flush your toilet.

Please, TUD customers, support the recall of Barbara Balen, Delbert Rotelli, and Robert Behee, so we can experience now and into the future, a water system we can afford and one that will be here for the future of Tuolumne County residents.

John H. Richardson