Union Democrat staff

The economy in

proper perspective

To the Editor,

An advantage of being a senior citizen is being able to look back and put our present economic situation in proper perspective.

It's impossible to open the paper today and not see the n ear panic being caused by rising food prices and $4 plus gasoline. In the 1960s, after college and the Army, I had a good job paying $481 a month. With that my stay-at- home wife and I started a family, bought a three bedroom house in Beaver Cleaver Village for $18,000 and a new car for $1,900. A movie ticket cost 75 cents, a hamburger 50 cents, apples were 10 cents a pound, a first class stamp was 4 cents, and gasoline was about 40 cents a gallon.

So what has changed? I don't see any. Add a zero and things cost the same. Industry, the government, and unions, must keep increasing salaries to keep people happy. This causes the price of everything to rise proportionately. An ounce of gold has always bought a good suit of clothes, whether it be a Roman toga, or fancy Armani duds.

James Mori


Support Measure C

To the Editor,

As a member and president of Friends of the Mother Lode Fair, I am asking the community to Support Measure C on the June ballot. When we heard the state was no longer funding California Fairs, Friends re-organized to step up fundraising and supportive activities for the Fair. We have a 13 member board from community members and businesses and just had our first successful fundraiser in April.

The Fair has tightened their belt with staff retiring and part time employees. But activities at the fairgrounds continue, being a focal point in the center of Sonora. Can you imagine a year without the Home and Garden Show, Celtic Fair, Omega Nu Rummage Sale, Mother Lode Roundup, Sonora Blues Festival, Quilt Show, Health Fair, Sonora Christmas Festival and the Community Christmas Eve Dinner? These are a few of the activities that bring in over 120,000 visitors to the fairgrounds yearly.

Measure C passing would help insure some of the money lost from the state to continue being there for the community. Approval would not create a new tax for county residents, but rather for the visitors. It sits at 10%, as voted 2 years ago, and now just enlarges the tax base from the hotels, motels and other lodging to RV's, campgrounds,and houseboats making it equitable across the board.

Tourism is a large income source. Thousands flock to our beautiful county yearly. Activities at the fairgrounds and visitors to Railtown bring in a large amount of those visitors. Closing these venues is not viable to the revenue stream in this county. Please vote "Yes on Measure C"!

Toni Wagner


Friends of the

Mother Lode Fair

Vote yes, Measure C

To the Editor,

I am writing this letter in support of a "yes" on Measure C. I am a member of the E Clampus Vitus Grand Council organization and we have held our spring camp out at the fairgrounds for more than 14 years. The facility is well maintained and fairly priced. Our members travel here from all over the United States and we look forward to this annual gathering. The fairgrounds are important to us and we want to see it survive. I live in Tuolumne County and know how important the fairgrounds is to my friends and neighbors.

Many attend events at the fairgrounds including the Mother Lode Roundup, the Christmas Craft Faire and the Tuolumne County Health Fair. We cannot lose this valuable asset. A "Yes," on Measure C will provide the needed funding to keep the fair operating. This tax is not a new tax, but an expansion on the current TOT and is paid by people visiting this county.

The tax currently supports fire, law enforcement, roads and advertising by the Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau.

The visitors to our county want to be a part of what's happening here. Keeping the fair open and used is what's happening!

Ed Hawkins


E Clampus Vitus

Grand Council